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A Good Sidearm For Ash?


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hmm it solely depends on yr play style but since u have a paris as yr main wep, i would recommend a close combat sidearm such as bronco (mini shotty) which deals quite a good amount of dmg and the reload speed aint that bad with a reload mod in it. Buff it up with some fire rate, dmg, AP mod and u will be able to clear even armoured mobs at close range.

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Kraken is the best weapon ive seen so far, i have it with 100% multishot, overchargend and 20 % armor breaking and 60% on every elemental damage type. I tried hek, boltor, all pistols except lex and bronco. My kraken is better than evry rifle or melee weapon, i can kill a heavy unit with 2 bursts and even lvl 50 enemies are killed with one burst, and i dont even have to hit all shots.

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Just use a lex, if there îs a grinned you ant 2 shot your doing it wrong, even heavŷ gunñers

well it depends. since theodore mentioned using paris as the main wep, being a mid/long range killer, a sidearm usually should compensate for the lack of close range combat.

Still its up to the player preferences.

I have a maxed ash with paris(rank 20 still training it) and branco(maxed) so i can assure u im doing perfect without the need of smokebombs since i can easly 1 shot mobs with my branco and with a super fast reload speed of less than 1 sec, even 2 shoting mobs seems like a burst fire mode, raining down 2 shots every 0.5(estimate) secs is awesome.

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Think I'll start with bronco or the akbolto since both look really fun to use.

The akbolto nails people to the wall/ground, so yea, its funny. (Sadistic?)

The bronco, like any shottiegun, will send an enemy flying when he/she is killed. Just some additional info for ya xD!

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