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Please Tone Down Ember's World On Fire Visuals


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It's one of the most visually busy and spammy effects in the game, and makes aiming miserable for everyone in the party, Ember included.


It's also loud and aurally fatiguing over any lengthy missions.


There are other WF abilities that have similar problems, but WoF is a standout.

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There are other WF abilities that have similar problems, but WoF is a standout.

It would be nice if you listed all abilities that you feel have this issue, so that they can be looked at and adjusted altogether, rather than just one of them.

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Honestly it feels like there's too many to list, short of saying 'hey Warframe is a really visually busy game in a 4p party'.


With Color Correction and Bloom turned on, it's possible to become completely blinded by any number of ability visuals - stood near a Vauban's vortex lately? :D


In general I just turn off certain visual effects to help with visibility, and even after doing that, WoF is still a massive standout because of the way it functions, constantly putting up visual blockers in front of everyone in the party and playing a loud repetitive sound while doing so.


But here's some others that stood out to me, I'm not fully experienced with every frame or ability in the game:


Banshee's Sonar pulse. Cool effect, disorienting when aiming, incredibly annoying if toggled constantly with a bright color. Her Silence isn't visually disorienting obviously, but if that silence effect extends to party members, I can't imagine everyone is thrilled to have their audio dampened constantly.


Ember's Fire Blast. Complete visual blocker if its in your los.


Nekros' Desecrate audio is really loud/repetitive. Double punishment for the guy tapped to push 3 for the entire match and his team.


Frost's Snow Globe isn't a thrill to fight in/near. Also monotonous and repetitive audio, though not quite as loud as WoF/Desecrate.


Vauban's Vortex interacts in a really unpleasant way with Color Correction if you're near it.


And Zephyr's Tornados, but I'd sorta feel bad if they were toned down, they look so darn cool when elementally infused ;)


Hydroid's tentacles caused massive fps sink for me, some other party members with different/newer pc hardware reported the same issue.


Haven't seen anyone playing Oberon so no idea on him :D

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