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Grineer Sentinel - Surge


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Corpus and Infested have sentinels, so I thought I'd flesh out a grineer-based sentinel here.


Name: Surge



Grineer are known for damage over looks, and are usually limited to blast, fire, electricity, and bullets. Thus, a grineer-brand sentinel would be pretty rough-looking, have high armor, high health, and low shields. 



Grineer have a wide variety of weapons, many of them similar to existing sentinel weapons. Sentinels already have a machine rifle, a shotgun, an elemental weapon, and a melee. I think a blast weapon would be pretty nice, toned down significantly for being a sentinel weapon. 


Outburst sounds like a fitting name. It would fire rockets that travel similar to the speed of ember's fireball (so pretty fast), with a similar blast radius to the stug (relatively small, but hits clustered enemies well). The damage would be 20-30 (maybe 25), so on the stronger side, but balanced out by its low fire rate with a magazine size of one (it would fire once every 3 seconds). It would deal no self-damage and cannot crit. 



Each sentinel does something interesting. Djinn draws them closer, Carrier vacuums, Dethcube vaporizes, etc.. Surge's ability should be Override. If this mod is equipped, Surge fires only when you do, where your crosshair is. Override would be disabled with melee weapons out, reverting it to its original settings. I suggest that since there is no advantage to ranking Override, ranking it will instead lower the mod slot cost. 


Selling points

Surge is for those who want an area-of-effect sentinel that they have a good amount of control over. It is designed 100% for combat, and offers very little other sort of support. It has the greatest delay between its shots, so its shots should deal more damage. It is very poor at status chance (since all sentinel weapons have 5%, but this one only hits once every 3 seconds) as a tradeoff for being damage based. 


Do you want this sentinel? Would you suggest something different? Do you hate it for any reason? Comment below :)

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