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[Rehash] Clan Hall Solutions List


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So there have been countless threads listing the problems with all the different clan halls, and plenty of ideas to fix them.  I thought I would take a moment and mash them all together - or at least the ones I notice most often - and comment on them individually.


Remove the Pre-Req Completely

At this point if we remove the prerequisite of building each hall there would be little to no point in even having smaller halls.  Why on earth would I build the basic or great hall if I can outright build the Grandest Hall?  To me this seems like a poor decision.  This would negate the progression we appear to trying to achieve.


Allow Deletion of Smaller Halls

So once I'm done building my second hall I delete the first, then build the third and delete the second, etc., etc.  At this point it just seems silly to require me to build them all if I can delete them all in turn.  This solution would require extra prerequisites (like clan size or money in vault or something) to make it work in a progressive manner as DE seems to be making the goal.


Upgradeable Halls

While there seems to be a lot of people gravitating to this option, very few people are addressing the space issue.  I've mentioned this in a few threads, and even commented in detail about it in my own "Dojo Constructino" thread.  If the hall is to be upgradeable, it would have to be a stationary room, on a stand-alone floor.  You wouldn't be allowed to build anything else on this floor.  In the past I had said that we should be able to add a connector of some sort to allow for the elevator(s), but I think that's not even a good solution anymore.  I now believe that if this become the taken route, we would need built-in elevators in the center of our upgradeable clan hall.  This would make it the central hub (as I feel the intention should be).



I'm sure there are countless other ideas with countless other possible solutions, but these seem to be the most common.  I would like to see the third option listed above be put into place.  Having a hall that expands with your clan's interaction seems like a great source of immersion for the players, as well as a way to show progress of your clan.  Either in size or in cooperation.  With the elevators in the middle, it would allow you to be able to expand outward, and possibly bring on the advent of round hallways (radial design, anyone?!).


Obviously if upgrading halls is put into place, we will need a full refund of the dojo materials (saving any research in place) so as to build properly from there.  Adding, alongside this, the ability to plan ahead on rooms (using some sort of RTS third person view) so my clan members can make donations to the next room without waiting for me or an archetic to get on to start the next room.  I'm just lowly Clan Warlord, seeking to better all dojos everywhere, help me out and give me some thoughts on this one, folks.

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