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Stupidity (Semi-Warframe Related)


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>Decided today to clean my keyboard and mouse

>Too lazy to unplug, pull up Warframe to keep button pressing from messing with computer

>Keyboard and mouse beautifully clean, so glorious, much wow

>Get into a game

>Camera spinning non stop


>Try moving mouse, no effect on camera spin but can still fire and move, albeit in circles

>ok wtf is going on

>unplug mouse, still spinning


>maybe I somehow boned Warframe with all the button mashing?

>reset computer

>no effect

>trying everything under the sun here, cannot figure out why the hell my camera is spinning

>ok, uninstall Warframe and reinstall

>as Warframe is reinstalling

>Let's test this on another game

>open other game


>Time to Google it

>"why is my camera spinning in game"

>open thread from search results

>guy 1. "unplugged mouse and keyboard, that seem to fix it"

>guy 2. "restart computer"

>guy 3. "controller was on the ground upside-down"




>look over by my computer

>controller on ground




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Lol i remember when i first had that Problem (was using a Joystick for a Flight Sim back then). Wanted to play somethign else and i was jus tspinning and spinning and spinning. I was so pissed that i kicked my Computer and the joystick got unplugged by accident :D Since then i always watch ou tthat no Joystick, Controller is plugged in when i don't need it :D

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