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Yet Another Thread With Suggestions About Trading


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So, I've been thinking: currently we have that quite ineffective chat which can hadly be properly followed for more than 5 seconds (because caps-spam (or just spam) of many large messages). Why not making something like Universal Trading System (a.k.a Auction house, Galactic trade network or however you like to call it) alongside the Trade chat. However this version of the classic Auction house will be a bit different: 


1. Ability to add entire sets of parts for a weapon/frame


2. Instead of just "trade for plat", I suggest implementation of the WTT: Item for Item


Ex. Offered item: [Lex Prime Barrel] -Price: [x] [platinum] or [boltor Prime stock]


or however the person who puts it in there wants to trade it for, including the X Prime item/part/set for X Prime Item/part/set.


3. Limiting the number of posts (auctions) to the number of maximum trades per day (in other words if you are MR 7 you can put maximum of 7 offers at once)


In my mind (and opinion), this idea will make it easier for people to buy, sell and trade items, optimising their search a bit.


I would like to hear opinions on the matter and please don't start with "Oh it's THAT thread again" and add funy/strage pics. (or if you add them, then please add something constructive afterwards)


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