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Helios Is Still Pretty Buggy.


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The following bugs basically occur 100% of the time.


1) Helios attacks enemies it is scanning, usually killing them before it can finish the scan.

2) Helios stops scanning an enemy in plain sight because a bug flew in front of the camera or something.

3) Helios won't scan allied units during invasion/outbreak missions. (using a regular scanner during these missions, allied enemies are scannable but won't light up, which is probably related)

4) Helios won't realize it's reached the required number of scans for some enemy type until the mission ends, which can result in a lot of wasted scans, as well as the player not realizing they've finished that type.

5) Sometimes Helios just doesn't feel like scanning anything for a while.


Also, not a bug but it's really irritating that Helios makes the "scan complete" noise and anmation when an enemy is killed before the scan is actually complete.

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