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I have few ideas in my head which i believe it can improve the overall gameplay effect and experience. 


Changes to Survival/Defence/ Cutscenes (Doesn't apply to Void missions)


- Survival can show a cutscene before tennos drop from the ceiling. An operator talks instead of the lotus says :" Help me buy sometime tennos!" Or something like that. After every 5 minutes the operator will say : "I found this during my investigation, hope it might be useful." 


-Defence can show a cutscene after drop; when players arrived but no cyropod appears. Cutscene shows an infested ship/Corpus ship/ Grineer ship accidentally dropped the cyropod at the defense point. The corpus leader of the flying ship realised the accident, (For example Alad) was in the ship saw the tennos and shouted : "Get the cyropod! ".  Then the mission starts with the tennos running towards the cyropod and the corpus running towards them as well from a quite a far distance that is manageable to defend the cyropod's health in time. After each wave, there will be a red flash of the screen that shows "Incoming Reinforcements." 



- Change the syandas with stats and not just a decorative accessory. Also to suit the description name of the cape. 


- A Combo Kill: For example whenever a hit is scored and the enemies' death is certain, the screen will show "First kill, Double Kill, Multi-kill, Fantastic, God-Like, Unbelievable, Crazy. 


- Remove the need to build prime and non-prime armour/weapons seperately. Instead, we are able to integrate them together through a rage mode or prime mode system. If a player is able to maxed lvl 30 for non-prime, in the market there will be a blueprint to show an evolution card. Buying this card which the description says: "This card helps to bring the next evolution stage of your warframe/character." Double-clicking this card which is found in the inventory will begin the crafting process in the foundry. Example:  Evolution Card: " Requires 10000 Oxium, 500 Galilum." Once done, the card that is found in the mod collection can be double clicked and then shows the warframe or weapon to emerged into the prime state. 


Plus a button to activate the rage mode/prime mode for unranked but at very short intervals. But the image of the prime mode is not clear, meaning its in an aura image that shines from the energy colour of the character/warframe. 


-Trading System Improvements

1) Instead of having the same type of key example : 3 "T3 survival" keys taking up one mod slot instead of taking up all three of them. If there is 1000 fusion cores of rare, It'll be better and efficient in trading making better deals. As there are no need to spend all the limited trade remaindings but just taking up on mod slot in a trade. 


2) Have an auction house/bidding house. Buyers and sellers are able to create a "house" which maximum can fit only 50 members. Following the First come First Serve system, each turn to adjust the bidding amount is 10 seconds. The bidding stops for a certain fixed time or the owner of the "House"  stops it. 


3) Ability to allow players to search for the items they want to buy and sell, available seller and buyers. A way which allows us to note whether the seller and buyer having a sign that says "Deal In Progress."or "Available". 


-Dojo Improvements.

1) More statues variety. Include statues like all the warframe and the prime versions, (Boss only) -> Creatures, infested creatures. 


2) Ability to design the interior walls and exterior walls of the dojo. For example, third age, Ancient japanese, chinese, western traditional designs. It is all relevant because earth is there. 


3) Chairs and thrones, long chairs, round tables which show tennos sitting.


4) Emotes for warframe (in dojo)/ (Outside dojo is good.)

Example of emotes: Taunting, cheering, applausing, saluting, waving, dancing, disappointed, idea, pointing, bowing 1-(like a royal knight gets a promotion from the KIng/Queen of a kingdom.), bowing 2- (upper body bend foward.) laughing, faking death, scared. :)


5) Door gates that restrict another person from accessing to another room. Warlords can customise the door gate by checking and unchecking the list of members that can enter/not enter/suspension. Warlords can do this by approaching the door gates.


6) Ability to check for the clan contribution log. Able to see who donated like. "[xxx] and 4 others helped to complete [xxxy]." We can scroll to that clan log message and able to see who donated the amount. "[xxx] donated gallium x1 etc..."


7) A walk button in the dojo. (w) will not be the running but walking, Shift + W will  become the default sprinting. 


8) Rooms: Shooting range room, Boss simulation fight. 


9) When promotion/Demotion/Join/Expelled, there will be sound and shout-out to the clan and featured in the clan-tab. Sounds: Applause -> Promoted

              Cheers -> Joined

              Spartan Shout -> Expelled

              ohh Sound -> Demoted

              No sound -> Leave


10) Breaking down the complexities of the player ship to the clan dojo. Upon update 14, the navigation menu, once the dojo key is activated, the screen will fade to white and shows the player ship flying towards the dojo. Cutscene which shows the player ship retractable circular bridge that links to the dojo with a portal-like entrance. The player arrives into the dojo and the ship flys away. To leave, the player can call back the player ship and leave like the Öbjective completed status. By pressing the Esc button, it just breaks the fun-game content. :(


11) With an ability to design the dojo exterior, so however traveling to the dojo the sight would be fascinating. Especially when other player host another player. A cutscene which involves the host of the clan dojo welcomes the being invited guest, gestures him/her to the clan entrance. :)


Well that's about it. :)

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