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Multiple Difficulty Level For Vor's Prize (And Other Story Missions)?


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Not just scaling enemy level.  Actual, hand-crafted, non-random difficulty differences with scripted challenges.


Ex:  In easy/intro mode, you might just 1v1 a zanuka.  In challenge mode, you'd fight three mid-level zanuka.  In nightmare, you might fight 5 max level zanuka at the same time, so you have to be high-end geared and well-practiced at fighing zanuka to complete the nightmare accomplishment. 


Beating all the story mission on nightmare would serve as endgame gameplay justification for maxing mod and gear.  A way for player to make use of their best gear and not just end the game after they get the best gear. 


Bonus point if nightmare missions are designed in such a way that they promote having diverse set of warframes so player would change to different warframes for different missions for strategic purposes (so not just 1 optimized dps/defense frame for everything).

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