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The Kubrow Pics Megathread!


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Here are my 3 new cudly Kubrows, all clones of muscle builds.


First we have Kuhlbro, he is a Sunika



Next we have Torak, he is a Sahasa



Last but not least we have Shadowcaster, he is a Huras



I will be putting imprints on auction this weekend so stay tuned =)

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That was fast.


I managed to get another stasis slot and used the last of my plat to rush the incubation. I think I'll put Frozen Lettuce in stasis and let my last kubrow mature first (just needs one more reset to be mature).

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New pup and finally a good looking Sahasa, that can get a potato in his...yeah...

I really hope Dantalion won't be a bulky adult, I really hope for an elegant Gentlebrow in silver and blue.




my kubrow is a female huras by the way <.<

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Grow up time has past. And as i hoped, my new kubrow has the long hair type. Was not sure as I mixed a short haired with a long haired kubrow.


Really liked how the fur pattern turned out.






I also forgot to show this little kubrow before. He is called Spot and actually hatched before Maya but had to go to stasis. I have no idea what kind of build he will have as he was incubated without prints.



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When I finally get my Kubro I will name him Jesus, for all the hell he had me to go through!

I hope he will be Sahasa or Huras x3! Doughnut worry, my fellow Tennos! I shall post his majestic &amp;#&#33; as soon as possible!...


... If I don't spend 2 months trying to farm Argon Crystal and credits... and waiting for him to mature...

... And DNA somethings... Large amount of them...

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