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The Kubrow Pics Megathread!


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Billie Jean, not anything special in terms of OH MY GOD RARE IMPRINTS UUUUGH HNNNNNNG SO CUTE it just looks like any other random, boring, and ugly Shaksa tall and lean Kubrow.


Billy, same as above except Sunika, and green fur, which I found out is the least popular fur color. Also, he's shorter than his sister Billie Jean.

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A bunch of platinum ( and I mean a lot, man did they go fast) and about 400k creds later, >.>




 Courtesy of Noamuths imprint for Kickbot, Banderscruff, Sahasa with green stripes and grey pelt <3






Banderbleach, so called because the pup got thrown into the laundry with some random shirts, and their colours bled onto her clean self, an orange and blue fella with orange stripes <3, Huras




Stalker Kubrow is Stalking, got this shot by accidentally hitting too fast during  a cutscene, Muahahahahaha!




Banderbilt, sorta named after Cornelius Vanderbilt, because he was a ferocious entrepreneur, and Hyenas are ferocious, a Hyena patterned grey and white fella with a half bloomed lotus, cant tell whether his head is blue or not though, Huras




Banderbluff, a grey and orange pupster with a faint full bloomed Lotus, having the Lotus symbol be so faint is how he got called on his Bluff, but his pattern is simply exquisite,Huras <3  


I'll post more once they grow up, and still more I get some trades for all those spare mods and primes lying round, till then Tenno!

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Okay I decided to take a chance and used up the last of my plat to hatch another random kubrow to fill my last open slot (number 20 I think). And I finally got the last main color that I didn't have. Red.




I'm only showing this next kubrow because of its name. It was named after a joke from red text way back when. Maybe some regionchatters will remember (probably not)



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Artorias, sunika



Cujo Jotaro, sahasa. he grew up shorter than artorias, but less thin



Kalahar, sahasa. short and thin build. lavender eyes, too



Dusty, huras. not thrilled with his pattern but at least the colors and breed are good


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Adult Donahue. Found out his stripes are actually baby blue instead of grey, almost impossible to see depending on the lighting. He's a working class kubrow but for whatever reason he gets all the kubrow girls :/



Adult Nell, the silver vixen. She's so tiny I didn't make a point to crop the picture. Got her from a random incubation on my birthday and instantly fell in love with her, so much cuteness into such a small virtual creature lol.


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I give you....the all new; Kubrow Shampoo.

Just build Nekros today, and you can scrub your lil fella squeeky clean!


Kubrow: This feels nice!                                                         *cough**cough* can't...breath!!


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