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The Kubrow Pics Megathread!


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Here's a pic of her natural color:


I used nova grey, lotus purple and derelict black from the new palette and no, I don't have any imprints left (sold them a while ago).

Damn! That's a really pretty Kubrow. I also have a Sunika Kubrow, I wish Sunika didn't have those abilities, one was stolen from Sahasa and the other is only specific to Corpus and Grineer Target.

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This was my first Kubrow, a male Huras named Crowley. He has the Lotus pattern although it's very hard to see.



My second random, male Sunika named Hetfield. He also has lotus pattern.



Third random, male Sunika named Mustaine. 



Fourth kubrow, but first using imprints. Male Raksa named Dimebag, no idea what pattern he has.



Fifth kubrow, second using imprints. Female Sahasa named Nightwish.



Sixth, again using imprints. Used from Hetfield and Nightwish. Male Sunika named Ozzy.



Seventh, using imprints again from Hetfield and Nightwish. Female Sahasa named Maiden. (Was hoping for a black and light grey lotus, but got hyena pattern both times lol. 


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