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The Kubrow Pics Megathread!


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I told myself I'd stop making kubs after I've gotten one of each type, but found out there isn't really anything to do at MR14 besides farming and waiting for the next event/special alert/something. At least now the Lotus can have the ones I don't want.


Nisha. I've always had mixed feelings about the Domino pattern, but it's got a certain allure - and this one matches my Warframe colours lol.



Stumpy Ezekiel. He's not really that short, he's about chest height, but after playing with so many tall kubrows I just feel he's so small. He doesn't like to be eyed-down either.


Nyx has become a crazy kubrow lady. It's scary.



Another Domino, but from a random incubation. Named her Annie May, because. Thinking about changing her face to black like Nisha's to make the X stand out.


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my new kubrow just matured!!

he's a domino pattern sahasa,and unfortunately i will have to consign him to the lotus because he's a sahasa :(


Fixed that for ya. At least get his imprints before you give him away. He looks really nice. 

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I think this is my best looking cool bro so far - male (nothing against females, it's just their fluff makes them a bit too cute with this build, but it suits them I guess), max height, red and black fur AND blue eyes. His mommy would be proud if she could see him now.




He's also very protective and provides cover when I'm shooting.


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