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De Or Del


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So, recently Digital Extremes renewed their certificatesand they are now Digital Extremes ltd. Now, a few people have insisted that we must stop calling them DE and /must/ use DEl, I for one so not care to follow them in the folly of insisting on anything. I ask you all what you think instead. DE or DEl? Or does it not even matter in the end?

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Just cause a few have insisted that we now call DE "DEL". That doesn't mean we have to abide by it. Can't order people around if they don't like it :/

On topic it doesn't really matter for me since, I hardly if ever refer to DE as a reference point, since I mainly lurk in the fan zone/off topic area. General discussion gives me cancer nowadays with all the complaints/pointless hype threads. Etc. 

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I'll stick with DE, as opposed to swapping to DEL, for the reasons as to be listed below.


As is said in letter form, the former of the pair is a bit more hard hitting as it ends in a vowel as opposed to a consonant.

The letter L, when in its lowercase form, can be misconstrued at times with an uppercase I, which could lead to countless issues and unnecessary confusion amongst the playerbase at large.

In a race, the guy in second is in a better position than the guy in third, despite my personal favorite number being three.  Thusly, despite what numerical values as measured in increment may otherwise say, 2 > 3.

When said aloud in word form, as opposed to individual letters, the tried and true standard is reduced to a single syllable, while the new age attempted trend is also one syllable, it came afterwards.  Thusly, 1 > 1.

I'm quite lazy, so typing a third letter is far too much of a hassle.  As a man who enjoys keeping things simple and succinct, the prior listed acronym is more appropriate to my liking.

As it was the first, DE is technically number one, and a golf, a hole in one is a good thing.  Whole and hole sound the same, and DE is a whole company, thusly it simply fits this logic better.

Insert pointless reason here.

Considering that the anniversary weapon utilized "Dex" which has DE in it, changing to DEL would thusly ruin the pattern.  So the Dex Furis would need to be renamed the Delx furis, which just sounds a tad funky by comparison.

Edit;  Grunge tried to kill the Metal, but the Metal will live on.  Since grunge is longer than Metal, and DEL is longer than DE, DE will live on.



I can't come up with anything else dumb to say in regards to this, so I'll go to bed now.  And when I wake up, Lex Prime time baby!  ...... wait a tic, Lex Prime starts with an L, and has both an e and an x within it...., and Dex has an x...  Sooooooo


I got nothin'.

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