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Players Matching And Mission Requirements


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Something really hard is to get the right squad for a online mission for example and that´s what we all know as:


-Newer players wont to do something but veterans enter in the place blasting everything don´t letting newer users to play or kill anything.


-Veteran players want squads that are able to stand strong and long time in missions and know how to do their job.


-Is not a great feeling to enter a mission being veteran and ruin the game for newer players.


-Newer players have to kill Captain Vor to get to apollodorus, the best misssion for getting mods and experience at the beggining and without that power is hard to face Vor. This last I am not really sure because I know some new players that were able to beat him even if they were alone(using their 4 revives of course).


Ok, that´s the matching problem that really has to be fix so veterans and newer don´t ruin each others experience in the game.


But there is something important to say and I am tired of:


-Take to this mission that is so far away from my current level and approaching in the game.


-I have been playing 4 hours in warframe and I am not capable to handle enemies, please take to T4 missions because I want to get the new primes and if you don´t do it I will go mad at you and blame you because all I wanted is some help. This happened to me so much times.


-I won´t have to take effort if I invite veteran player to the mission so he can complet the starchart for me and beat the bosses, I will stay away getting xp and mods from his work.


-I want loki, join online and let other players kill the Hyena pack. Sometimes I had to take down the four hyenas by myself because everyone in the online squad was waiting for someone to do the job while they get the prizes.


-You must have this corrupted mod or prime part because you played more hours and you actually do hard missions, something that I wont try if I am not with people that can do the job for me so Why don´t you give it to me?


The worst of this is that there are lots of people that dont want to learn to play or even play, they want the prizes, the primes and the rare stuff without doing nothing by themselves and there is something worst and it is that they consider that the best way to play a videogame, that they are pros and they will get mad at you if you don´t do the mission for them.


Now, I am not jus talking about improving the match system, something that it is a must to get a better player experience. I really think that someway to improve this match system is to enter some real restrictions to enter a mission for example (don´t take me as a profesional in video games because i am not):


-You can´t enter a t3 or t4 key if you don´t have some kind of level in the matching system depending on some criteria like have some mastery in certain kind of missions or whatever, I am not some pro like I said and i don´t know what kind of criteria have to be set for that.


-You won´t be able to craft a prime item if you didn´t unlock the Tower mission you have to do to get it most hard part. This will get the prime once again to a piece for players who played more and they will be more rewarding because now a prime isn´t something really worth like it was back in the days when you couldn´t trade them( i am not talking about changing the current trade system, just the requirements for crafting).


-You won´t be able to enter missions in the starchart that you didn´t unlock.


And i know too that:



-This are the issues i noticed and you may noticed others in this matchmaking, write them and we can argue and maybe list the in the topic.


-I know that it is something somehow hard to do but it will get to the game more progression feeling wich is something better to help players learn to play and i know that they worked for it in the new UI/ HUD changes in this interview https://warframe.com/news/lets-meet-pablo-and-dorian ,they said new players won´t have unlocked all the functions until they learn to work with some of them and that will help a lot in the new player experience.


-There is a problem in the attitude of some new players like I said waiting for you to do the job and  I think if they are matched with people of their level they will be forced to improve their skills and actually play the game.



I tried to be polite and I wish the same from everyone who posts in the topic, we don´t speak english often in my country so please forgive me if it sounded strange or something was wrong. 


DE and community please read and consider this topic, I tried to be serious and take a effort to write this topic, anyway I thank everyone who reads it and posts.










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This is just meant to be a free to play, fast and fun to play game. You want to dial back the fun for people because you think they have to earn the right to get it or to get somewhere first.


My ability to start a fresh account and run around like a madman, ignoring objectives, not attacking anything, and not using any abilities other then the jump key, is currently totally my right, if I actually decided to do this. If you were to come across me doing this and became offended, nothing is stopping you from:


1) Leaving that mission.

2) Starting a private game with mates.

3) Continuing the mission as if I was not there - unless I was Switch Teleporting you every 5 seconds, cause yea, in that case, it's Option 1


This is not CoD PvP, we don't need "matching".


If you don't like random things happening in your games, stop getting into random missions.

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