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I am confused for one of the game's setting felt. 

I asked this setting to improve, because the four individual game, a person will often produce major network latency. 
Why not apply this setting to "shared equally between the four individual object expression or display operation"?
Like, if the game, the object on the ground that the player only needs to display objects on it, reduce the items to calculate more than other players, and to reduce the burden on the computer. 
Because this is set in the late next player, the main opening game suddenly becomes very delayed. 
But also because it may affect other players. 
Set in the game need only show their stuff just fine, except for MOD. 
Items on the ground need not be fully displayed, or nearly as long as the display items like gamers, goods or other objects on the ground becomes transparent display on the screen.
I hope that the official can focus this issue, this issue does not seem very important. 
But the computer is equipped with a low-level players who can help a lot smoother network problems 
Of course, which also includes the use of special effects screen process. 
You can set up some options, like closing other players show only their effects, this option can also provide more subtle options. 
Reduce some unnecessary burden, only focus on the role of the players currently on it.
The amount of goods on the ground and show it or not, the display screen, the enemy in the distance and the amount of points were displayed, whether the issue will affect the reading computer? 
Like say, the current ammunition on the ground, if not the players current weapon needs, you can temporarily transparent rendering. 
Let the entire level becomes relatively clean, relatively easy to read screen.


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I... I understand a big part of your post, but please be wise with the Enter button; less paragraph spacing means better reading. You didn't need to spam Enter that much...


On to the topic:


Yes, it would be better if the game had an option to limit how much items that could be displayed. But the thing is, it's not that simple.

The host's burden is not only because multitude of items that had to be displayed (displayed or not, any object existed and caluclated will burden the host) or the glorious visual effects, but also every calculation that happened in the mission.


To reduce it, you can offload it to another system, but to offload the burden to another player's system (like a rendering farm) would required much more task rather than load it on the host only, since it would rather take quite a bandwidth to do it. In fact, with the variety of bandwidth speed between players, it would be straight impossible to offload it to another system without causing heavy network lag.


And the rest of the settings (the amount of numbers and enemies that were displayed), adjusted in the host's settings or not (if it was adjustable), would be hard to please anyone with a different (much better) graphic settings as the client.


In short, with the current Warframe's worldwide peer2peer system, it would impossible to lessening the burden's host indivdually; the only way to lessening the burden is :

- Set the adjustment globally, which would drop the visual and game experience quality for everyone. : (

- Make the host system to be more efficient, performance and network wise without dropping the visual and game experience quality, which is what already done by DE for a few updates.


If what you stated in the OP wasn't matched to my understanding (since you used words that I couldn't really understand : \), then I'm sorry if I mistaken of your idea. And please CMIIW if there any misinformation or misunderstanding on my post.

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First of all, thank you for your willingness to look at this article. 



In fact, I think my approach is not very good, maybe this is not a solution for the problem of content. 



I did not want to reduce everyone to enjoy the process of the game, the goal is simply to reduce the current status of the players, not put him threw the burden of other players.


I just want to ask everyone to think about what kind of ways to reduce the "single-player or a separate player's burden." 


But not all of the players in the game under the same conditions, should think about what kind of burden is shared by all? 



What kind of computer and the other is only a burden on their performance? 



I think this situation is to separate the two, and I hope that because apart and get positive results out of the team or a single person without increasing the gaming performance of the burden of adjustment and options.

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I know a lot of game art which can take advantage of the way to help the computer to achieve a similar effect. 

Perhaps with programming or art can achieve what kind of effect, but with the performance of your computer resources is minimal? 
This is a question I often encounter, because I want to be with players from around the world play together, pass through together.Maybe I do not know much about, but I hope you can help more people in the program or the art of players can provide better advice or a solution? 
Because, I encountered a problem, I just feel the need to solve, because the problem affects some people under him no matter what kind of computer is equipped with all want smooth game situation. 
Do not cut off the Internet can be temporary, or role can not be moved and other issues.
About hear different ideas, I think I will need to think about what can be executed in the end there?
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