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Helios Freecam For Screenshots!


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Inspired by this thread - https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/254201-how-was-this-screenshot-taken/


Located under Equipment in the Market, under the category "Gear" where you an buy things like Ciphers, Health/Ammo/Energy/Shield Restores and codex scanners, put in another piece of gear, something like a "Remote Viewer". A small screen in which when used, lets us see through the eyes of our sentinel. Basically...a free cam to fly around with, rotate, perhaps some level of zoom too.



Remote View

  • When in use,Tenno is vulnerable to enemy attacks since you're idling
  • Will still display Tenno Health/Shield.
  • While controlling sentinel you cannot attack (Too many chances to abuse this)
  • Mods you have installed are still in effect (Shield, armour, health mods to protect)
  • Enables you to get otherwise impossible screen shots. Great for contests and showing off your ninja skills
  • Could be used to scout out areas before running into them blindly. (Good for high level missions or stealth runs)
  • Combine with Coolant Leak or Self Destruct to make kamikaze sentinels!


Rather than have you "Teleport" to ground level if you go out of bounds, the sentinel will just hit an invisible barrier to prevent clipping and going outside a map. Or it could start to go static and say something like, "Losing signal, returning to starting position" if you keep going towards the out of bounds area.


A decent price for it too, or maybe even make it craft-able in the foundry since this likely wouldn't be a one-time use item but rather something you can equip in your gear slot and keep with you.

Would also be great for PS4/Xbox One players to get their own screenshots if said platforms support it.

I'm sure the PS4's motion pad thing could integrate common zoom features and such with pinching of fingers and the like



Yes? No? Thoughts? Opinions?

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No sentinel

No free cam.

You'd just get a small red "Error" on your screen when trying to use it

Or just a negative sounding effect.

Gives players an incentive to craft it, specially new players

Plus a reason to still use sentinels since everyone and their mums is gonna want a Kubrow


- - -



While it sounds cool in theory I have a feeling it'd look odd and have clipping issues.

Plus they're live animals so not like we can go all Harbinger on them out of no where


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why not make a new sentinel out of it,

carrier -> pick up loot

helios -> scans enemies

drone -> freecam


Well Helios is already a camera like sentinel, so I suppose that'd be up to the Dev's discretion. Sentinels usually have their own abilities and weapon so they'd not only need to come up with new designs but new ideas too.

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