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Can You Guys Help Me With My Paris Prime Build?



I am focusing on building a Crit/Elemental build but I can't find to replace certain mods. And I am not entirely sure if the Paris Prime should be built as a pure Crit, Hybrid or an Elemental Build. 


| -  Piercing Hit   5/5 | v Split Chamber   5/5 | v Heavy Caliber   7/10 | Hammer Shot   3/3 |

| v Serration   10/10 | v Point Strike       5/5 | Speed Trigger      5/5  | Vital Sense       5/5 |


Note that the "-" and "v" are polarities and the reason why Heavy Caliber is at 7 is because I don't want to lose all of my long range capability.

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Change piercing hit for anything else

Edit: ninja'd

More detail: You want one elemental combo per faction (radiation, magnetic or poison, corrosive).

That being said you have the base build correct but you have 2 options to improve it. You should use EITHER hammershot OR Heavy caliber.

Option one: Replace Piercing hit with element, replace heavy cal with element
Option two: replace Piercing it with element, replace hammershot with element

I prefer to keep hammershot on, as I don't like the accuracy loss, but that's just me.


Additionally, I find shred to be a nice addition to a bow, since charge time's are annoying. Work it in if you can/want.

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Void Build (Corrosive; Earth Grineer or Medium Armor Grineer aka Lancers and the like)




Grineer Heavy Build (Radiation; Bombards and other Grineer Heavies not including Heavy Gunners)




Corpus Build (Magnetic; Could swap Speed Trigger for Shred or Infected Clip for Shield Ignore)




Infested Ancient Build (Corrosive; If you want more AoE (Area of Effect) then replace Stormbringer with Hellfire the Gas element which will do more damage vs. Light Infested but less damage vs. the real threat that are the Infested Ancients.)


Hope you enjoy these Builds. 4 Forma used: 4 V Polarities.

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