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Where Is My Rhino Warframe?


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You have crafted 2 materials used to craft the Warframe: Rhino.

You need to craft Rhino Systems as well and buy the blueprint for Rhino on market, combine the 3 with an orokin cell and you'll craft the warframe itself

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hmmm my excalibur warframe is lvl 26...

i think it would push me down if i have to start lvl 1 rhino with no cool mods and stuff...

whats the highest warframe lvl btw?

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You really do need to start over and level new warframes and weapons sometime. It's not just trying out new stuff, you need to level it to raise your overall mastery rank. Which unlocks access to weapons; without the rank you can't get those guns, even with real money. You want Rank 4 at least for guns like Hek.

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