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Need Some Help For New Warframe Idea.


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Hi guys! I started draw a concept of my warframe, but i don't know yet what kind of power she will have... I have 2 variants:

1) her skills will working for momentum void portals...


2) her skills will working for shields and stamina

What i must choose?


here is her latest helmet version


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I'll post some ideas I just had for the void portals.


1st Ability: Redirection

[Name] opens up two portals in front of her, using them as "shields" and redirecting enemy fire that goes into one portal through the other back at the enemy. 


(If enemy fire goes through the left portal it comes out the right portal and vice-versa).


2nd Ability: Momentum Loop

[Name] opens two portals (one of the ground and one in the air above the ground portal). Enemies who fall through the ground portal will be trapped in a loop where they continue falling from the above portal back into the ground portal, increasing their momentum over time. After a while [Name] closes the ground portal, making enemies slam into the ground and take damage based on their momentum at the time of impact.

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