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Reworked Saryn Abilities - A Few Ideas


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So, Saryn. My favourite Frame bar none, but she's feeling a bit useless these days. Cool kids like Nova and Vauban and Loki are running around trolling the enemies of the Tenno whilst the other Frames sit on the sidelines and grumble. What's a poisonframe to do?


Well, I got to thinking during a Jupiter run recently, and whilst punching Alad V in the face* I had a few ideas for buffing Saryn's abilities, and they've been bugging me ever since. So I figured I'd share them and see what the community thought. I'm sure there's already been posts about this already, but hey - if that bothers you, stop reading now!



THEME: DoT + Area Control.


DAMAGE TYPE: Each of Saryn's abilities below inflict Corrosive and Toxin damage simultaneously, to simplify situational power choice and increase her utility in solo and team play.



Ability 1: VENOM

- Replaces the original Venom ability, duplicates the effect of the original Contagion as the name "Venom" makes more sense...kind of (I'm odd like that) and Contagion's effect in this list would likely be more expensive in power cost. Adds an amount of bonus damage to melee attacks in exchange for a permanent commitment from the Saryn's power pool. Venom remains in effect until deactivated, and affects all members of the Saryn's team. Once deactivated, the Saryn can recover power normally.


- Mod level affects Corrosive + Toxin damage bonus & Power commitment required (more damage = more commitment).



Ability 2: MOLT

- Same basic ability to attract enemies, when the Molt detonates it inflicts a large amount of DoT. Enemies killed whilst under the effects of this DoT will explode violently and leave a toxic cloud which damages enemies passing through it. Clouds disperse after a period.


- Mod level affects Decoy duration, Decoy health, Corrosive + Toxin DoT & Cloud duration.



Ability 3: CONTAGION

- An upgrade of Saryn's original Venom ability. Seeds an area in an arc in front of the Saryn with a spore cloud. Enemies which enter the cloud become infested with a fixed number of toxic pustules. The pustules inflict DoT and will burst if hit, inflicting DoT to nearby enemies with a chance of further spreading the contagion. The spore cloud dissolves after a period.


- Mod level affects Spore cloud AoE, Spore cloud duration, Corrosive + Toxin DoT & %Chance of reinfection.



Ability 4: MIASMA

- Same AoE attack as present, inflicts massive DoT with a chance to stun. Enemies dissolved by Miasma each leave a lingering pool of slime that slow the movement of other enemies which cross them whilst inflicting damage. The pools fade after a period.


- Mod level affects Corrosive + Toxin DoT, %Chance to Stun & Slime duration.



For those who might want more detail, please understand that this is really just power effect brainstorming - I've avoided adding numbers to the powers as I don't have a good enough grasp of the maths governing the abilities of all of the other Warframes to balance them properly. Any numbers I might put down would likely just be comical and offensive to those members of our community who do.


So, yeah. Ideas for upgraded Saryn abilities. Because Saryn - No Cure Once Tried™






*Never gets old. Ever.

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I dunno.  Maybe her 1 always bursting on enemy death and being able to reapply to enemies would be good.

Her 2 is good, as it is, but I like the idea of a lasting poison cloud.  We have the mechanics for it, mutalist ospreys.

Her 3 needs a buff, perhaps make it apply poison to ALL weapons?

Her 4 is perfect as it is.  It already stuns, it's already a panic button, it already does MASSIVE damage, it already has a sweet look.  The pool is cool, but idk.  Maybe dead enemies leave poison clouds, or she leaves one on cast?

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