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Ideas To Overhaul An Obsolete Stealth Mechanic


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to quote what i put on another topic, i feel warframes are more so super sentai wizard transgender fighters then ninjas, which then brought me to think of the fact stealth is entirely pointless unless it is a rescue mission, We obviously dont get anything out of it,and of course run'n'gun is more efficient and "fun" per say. Nothing thematically makes me feel like ninjas other than playing ash or the parkour which isnt really useful unless you want to physics across the whole tileset really.*i still have yet to pull off wall attacks*


Now before i go on i just want to say that i dont think were obligated to stick with the term ninja, cmon we have damn rhino and nekros who stand out like white tourists in china.


Thinking back to the survey DE took, players wanted rewarding missions the most, and the problem with the stealth phase is that it gives nothing back and slows you down mostly. I though up of a few things that could address it possibly:


1: Make stealth kills double/triple drop chance; Lets goddamn alleviate the grind here guys, sure a 1% stance mod chance is still S#&$ doubled but at least it helps. Plus i was looking at D3's party system where the more players present the more chance of a rare mod/mat drop. Not to mention at least more players would hopefully slow down and stick together.


2. Streamline the stealth kill animation and the way it flows; Half the time I hate it when i walk behind an unaware enemy and assassinate and using up the time that couldve killed 5 more by just melee. Ninjas have to be fluid dont they? Id hate to use assassins creed, but they do it well with just a simple "touch n go".


Now of course we dont want a galatine strapped to our wrist, and this idea seems really hard to implement, but a type of "combo kill", for example, you have galatine, theres 3 enemies in a room.  walk behind one and perform a typical death blow but hover the reticle over the next enemy and if hes nearby, your frame slides on over smoothly and decapitates him and with your reticle on the last dude, he hops one over and sphincter dinks him with mr. stabby. And incorporate the damage multiplier into there maybe?


And of course, make the animations smoother, i dont know what happened but i remember in the devstream they showed "transition attacks: where a warframe who did a jump attack was able to attack right after with a nice smooth followup.


3. My final idea is a remake of the invasion mission. Lets say there an invasion mission, one led by sargas ruk, the other frohd bek. And these are sequence missions. The first mission is standard but whats different is that if you stealth the first mission, the next one is actually easier as your actions will translate over the 5 mission like a mini campaign. And if you chose not to stealth and gung ho your way around congrats, you now have the challenging suspicious shipment difficulty enemies at the end. That way stealth is not only a material reward buff, but also a difficulty cap


TL;DR: Make stealth kills better drop chance, smoother animations, stealth used as a difficulty buffer


Edit: To those who would think the second idea "but thats just ash bladestorm and that would make him pointless" well you better not F*** up and not get seen eh? Plus the damage is still relative to your melee weapon

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