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King Syndicate Recruiting And Seeking Leaders!


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King Syndicate is a ghost clan thats the head of the Solar Crown Empire alliance consisting of 4 clans. We're now looking to grow the core clan into a shadow clan so i am looking for 20 casual players who have Leader rank potential. We groom leaders over here and Warlords over here. Even if you want to build your own clan, fine, join the alliance instead. Very friendly, very helpful. We have bi-weekly Duel Tournament in the alliance that the top 3 players win platinum. I personally try to make sure everyone in my clan has everything they need and next week we hope to deploy the Solar Rails and celebrate with another Duel Tournament. Son if you want to join the clan, send me a message on PSN at icerevolver regarding the clan. Or if you want to join the alliance, send me a message on PSN regarding the alliance. Like i said very helpful but loves to have fun, thats the most important thing. All research will be complete by the end on this week coming. So yeah, get in on the ground in becoming a Leader in the clan. Thanks

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