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Hello, Warframe customer, and welcome to my shop!
Trades left: 12/12

Bulk Discounts
Buy 2 items worth 15p total or more, and receive a 5% discount, rounded accordingly.
Buy 3 items worth 10p total or more, and receive a 10% discount, rounded accordingly.

Prime Department

Warframe Aisle

x3 Ember Prime Blueprint/BP - 5p
x4 Ember Prime Chassis - 4p
∞ Ember Prime Helmet - 1p
x1 Ember Prime Systems - 12p
x0 Frost Prime Blueprint/BP - 5p
∞ Frost Prime Chassis - 1p
x1 Frost Prime Helmet - 5p
∞ Mag Prime Blueprint/BP - 1p
∞ Mag Prime Chassis - 1p
x0 Mag Prime Helmet - 5p
x0 Rhino Prime Blueprint/BP - 10p
x0 Rhino Prime Chassis - 15p
x0 Rhino Prime Helmet - 10p
∞ Rhino Prime Systems - 1p

Primary Aisle

∞ Boar Prime Blueprint/BP - 1p
x3 Boar Prime Barrel - 4p
x7 Boar Prime Receiver - 1p
x1 Boar Prime Stock - 5p
x0 Boltor Prime Blueprint/BP - 30p
x6 Boltor Prime Barrel - 3p
x0 Boltor Prime Receiver - 5p
∞ Boltor Prime Stock - 1p
x3 Braton Prime Blueprint/BP - 5p
x2 Braton Prime Barrel - 5p
x2 Braton Prime Stock - 5p
∞ Burston Prime Barrel - 1p
x0 Burston Prime Receiver - 5p
x1 Burston Prime Stock - 5p
x1 Latron Prime Blueprint/BP - 5p
∞ Latron Prime Barrel - 1p
x9 Latron Prime Receiver - 1p
∞ Latron Prime Stock - 1p
x5 Paris Prime Blueprint/BP - 2p
x0 Paris Prime Grip - 5p
∞ Paris Prime Lower Limb - 1p
x6 Paris Prime String - 5p
x0 Paris Prime Upper Limb - 10p

Secondary Aisle

∞ Akbronco Prime Blueprint/BP - 1p
x2 Akbronco Prime Link - 12p
x2 Bronco Prime Blueprint/BP - 5p
x5 Bronco Prime Receiver - 9p or Bronco Prime Barrel
x0 Lex Prime Blueprint/BP - 10p
x5 Lex Prime Barrel - 4p
x8 Sicarus Prime Blueprint/BP - 1p
∞ Sicarus Prime Barrel - 1p
x0 Sicarus Prime Receiver - 5p

Melee Aisle

x1 Ankyros Prime Blade - 9p
x0 Bo Prime Ornament - 5p
x2 Dakra Prime Blueprint/BP - 5p
x8 Dakra Prime Blade - 2p
x1 Dakra Prime Handle - 5p
∞ Fang Prime Blade - 1p
x1 Glaive Prime Blueprint/BP - 5p
x1 Glaive Prime Disc - 5p
x1 Orthos Prime Blueprint/BP - 5p
x5 Orthos Prime Blade - 3p
x7 Orthos Prime Handle - 2p
∞ Reaper Prime Blueprint/BP - 1p
∞ Reaper Handle - 1p

Modules Department

Cicero Aisle

x0 Malignent Force - 10p
x3 Pistol Pestilence - 8p
x0 Toxic Barrage - 10p
x1 Virulent Scourge - 10p

Corrupted Aisle

x0 Blind Rage - 15p
x1 Corrupt Charge - 5p
x0 Critical Delay - 8p
x0 Fleeting Expertise - 18p
x3 Hollow Point - 3p
x0 Narrow Minded - 18p
x0 Overextended - 15p
x0 Spoiled Strike - 5p

x0 Tainted Mag - 5p
x3 Tainted Shell - 4p
x0 Vicious Spread - 10p
x0 Vile Precision - 5p

Nightmare Aisle

x1 Accelerated Blast - 5p
x1 Blaze - 10p
x2 Constitution - 5p
x1 Focus Energy - 5p
x2 Fortitude - 4p
x0 Hammer Shot - 10p
x2 Ice Storm - 5p
x0 Lethal Torrent - 5p
x2 Rending Strike - 5p
x4 Shred - 4p
x1 Stunning Speed - 4p
x3 Wildfire - 5p

Warframe Aisle

x1 Continuity - 8p
x1 Enemy Sense - 5p
x3 Flow - 5p
x1 Intensify - 8p
x9 Marathon - 2p
x3 Master Thief - 9p
x1 Natural Talent - 15p
x3 Quick Thinking - 15p
x3 Rage - 15p
x7 Streamline - 2p
x3 Undying Will - 3p

Aura Aisle

x0 Corrosive Projection - 2p
x1 Dead Eye - 3p
x1 Enemy Radar - 4p
x0 Energy Siphon - 10p

x1 Loot Detector - 12p
x2 Physique - 5p
x3 Pistol Scavenger - 3p
x3 Rejuvenation - 8p
x2 Rifle Scavenger - 3p
x4 Rifle Amp - 9p
x1 Shield Disruption - 2p
x2 Shotgun Scavenger - 3p
x2 Sniper Scavenger - 5p
x3 Speed Holster - 2p
x1 Sprint Boost - 10p
x1 Steel Charge - 10p

Rifle Aisle

x6 Bane of Grineer - 2p
∞ Cryo Rounds - 1p
∞ Eagle Eye - 1p
x9 Hellfire - 1p
∞ Infected Clip - 1p
x3 Metal Auger - 5p

x2 Rifle Ammo Mutation - 3p
∞ Serration - 1p
x1 Split Chamber - 10p
x6 Stormbringer - 9p
x2 Vital Sense - 3p

Shotgun Aisle

x3 Charged Shell - 4p
x2 Contagious Spread - 15p
x9 Hell's Chamber - 3p
x2 Incendiary Coat - 2p
x3 Seeking Force - 5p
x1 Shotgun Ammo Mutation - 5p
x0 Shotgun Spazz - 10p

Bow and Sniper Aisle

x3 Thunderbolt - 5p

Secondary Aisle

∞ Barrel Diffusion - 7p
∞ Convulsion - 1p
x1 Hawk Eye - 5p
∞ Heated Charge - 1p
∞ Hornet Strike - 1p
x0 Pathogen Rounds - 3p
x3 Pistol Ammo Mutation - 4p
x1 Seeker - 5p

Melee Aisle

x5 Berserker - 5p
x7 Energy Channel - 2p
x0 Fever Strike - 7p
x6 Heavy Trauma - 4p
∞ Power Throw - 1p
x1 Smite Corpus - 3p
x3 Sundering Strike - 3p
x1 Warrior's Grip - 5p
x1 Whirlwind - 14p

Stance Aisle

Axe Shelf:
x0 Cleaving Whirlwind - 15p
x2 Rending Crane - 10p


Dual Daggers Shelf:

x1 Gnashing Payara - 12p

Dual Swords Shelf:
x1 Crossing Snakes - 10p
x5 Swirling Tiger - 9p

Fist Shelf (for Ankyros, Ankyros Prime, and Furax):
∞ Fracturing Wind - 1p
x0 Seismic Palm - 7p

Hammer Shelf:
x4 Shattering Storm - 4p

Machete, Prova, Kama, and Nami Solo Shelf:
∞ Sundering Weave - 1p

Polearm Shelf:
x0 Bleeding Willow - 15p
x3 Shimmering Blight - 10p

Scythe Shelf:
∞ Reaping Spiral - 1p

Sparring Shelf (for Kogake and Obex):
∞ Grim Fury - 7p

Staff Shelf:
∞ Clashing Forest - 1p
x0 Flailing Branch - 15p

Whip Shelf:
∞ Burning Wasp - 1p
x7 Coiling Viper - 4p

Sentinel Aisle

x2 Coolant Leak - 8p
∞ Fired Up - 1p
x5 Guardian - 9p

If you're looking for common mods (damage, crit, etc.) that aren't listed above, ask me if I have them, and we can work out a deal. I also have 1 Delta beacon available, too.

IGN: SpacedLAB
Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198003179311/

If I'm in-game, whisper me. If I'm AFK or offline, leave a post here, PM me, or send me an in-game/Steam friend request, and I'll get back with you when I can.

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