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Ui Bug + No Rewards For Survival


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Hello everyone. 

Since the last update i noticed a strange bug for me. 

I did a few T1 Survivals always 40min+ and each time i got a weird screen at the end of the round. 

You know where you should see how much ep you gained and which rewards etc? Instead of that i get a completely different screen called "Reputation" and there is stuff like "Skill" etc

Also after switching back to the main menu i noticed that i have to relog because the main menu is buggy, too. I can not click on any planets, they have no names etc. the only thing working is the chat. 


I also noticed that i did not gained any rewards from those survival rounds. I was obviously farming for loki prime and bo prime but today after looking into the foundry i noticed that i have NO PARTS at all, even tough i found like multiple BO Prime ornaments etc i don't have them in my inventory now. They are gone. I did not received any credits either. 

This kind of bothers me alot because hours of farming are just gone. 

And it looks like i am not alone with this since some people in my clan knew about this bug. 

I think i only had one survival round so far with a normal UI but i did not received any prime parts etc either since i still have no parts for my BO Prime and i got atleast one ornament each round. 


I will send an EE.log in a support ticket. 

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I had something quite similar happen to me about 10 mins ago, the group I was with made it 2 40 mins and extracted. However when the rewards window opened it was completely blank, My war frame and my gear wasn't even present in the window. All that was on this window was the credits I had earned. Too make matters worse...we had just gotten a loki prime chassis bp. I must add that we were lagging like crazy in that game, I dunno...maybe it affected it or something. I dont suppose the devs will reimburse me for my time...which kinda sucks...but hey...what can I do :/


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Tired of getting this... I just call it the "Black Screen of Death" now.

Just now I lost 3 neural sensors and presumably the xp from completing the mission. I've lost tons of other items/xp to it as well.


Upon finishing the mission it shows you items and then you are stuck at black screen/with menu and you can still hear sound effects and shoot your gun. There is also an option to abort... so basically no matter what you do you fail the mission according to the client?


I just chalk it up to the other game breaking bugs like 45 min survival drops and getting dc'd from host which are equally awesome.

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Guys DE Will answered me to my support ticket:


"Thank you for reporting this issue! I will pass this information along to the rest of the team to look at. Unfortunately we don’t have an immediate solution for this issue, but we will be sure to follow up with you if we have any further questions

To see when this bug gets fixed, please keep an eye on the Update notes posted in the forums:


Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!"


looks like an automated answer but atleast i got an answer, not like other companys. 

anyway it looks like we have to wait. maybe it gets fixed in U14

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