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Alad's Fate.


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Transmission incoming. Origin unknown.

Metadatas coherent with previous communications from T.

Blocked. Quarantine applied.

Local mainframe isolated. Local net isolated.

3,14*104 Additional AI routines deploying...please wait.

Please wait.. deployment complete.


Scanning complete: no virus found.

Opening read only copy in local cache...

Applying language matrix... translation completed.


The man has sand colored hairs and green eyes and he's very pale, almost sickly so, like a miner after a life in the darkness. He speaks with a raspy voice, choosing carefully words which drip with emotions:

"I am Samel, member of the Red Veil. I will speak in the name of the Lotus, may her voice fill the Void, to both Grinner and Corpus..."

The screaming is the worst part. A white noise in the background, not enough to divert the attention from the video, but impossible to ignore. The emblem of the Betrayers, bathed in a scarlet red,  is hung high behind Samel.

"...The time of retribution has come and passed for Alad V. What are you seeing is the consequences of his act of defiance against the Tennos."

The camera moves, showing masked men and women clothed in the same scarlet: in the distance, behind the crowd, lone figures observe impassive as statues, apparently obvious to the situation.

The camera focus on a single Tenno for a moment, a Valkyr frame standing in front of the crowd, before zooming on the... thing she keeps between her talons.

From there, Alad V keeps screaming.

It's only the head of the man: his body ends at his neck, while the circuits and machineries below, a grotesque log of metal and tubes, keep that ruin alive and in pain. He can't see, because his eyes have been gouged out.

And so he keeps screaming.

"...Alad V tried to make his the power of the Tennos. He tortured them and hacked them to pieces to construct his abominations. In the name of his profit, he experimented even on infested, fueling his greed and pettiness, gloating over the suffering he caused.

Actions always have consequences.

The Tennos will pursue you for your sins, even in the Void, even beyond the farthest star. And when you ask yourself if trying to seize the Tennos is worth it, you will remember Alad V and his fate.

This Agony Shell will keep him alive and in pain: death will not be his escape. His mind will be shattered every day of every year, for a millennia. But the pain will be administered so that he will keep his sanity. He'll survive this endless crucible, unable to rest, to sleep or to forget.

Death would be mercy for him: but the Tennos  know not pardon nor mercy."


Tranmission ended.

...awaiting command.

Copy sent to Corpus Board.





First time I try a short piece in English. Not yet as good as I hoped X(.

Anyway, I'm a little...bothered by Alad V: the guy is mental, playing with things that should be left alone, just for evulz (profit is not his aim anymore, I think). Normally he should be dead already: he's a wanted man for Corpus, Grineer and Tennos already and, considering the kind of science he does and his perseverance, almost too dumb to live.

But because his plot armor is particularly thick, we can't kill him.... DE, could we keep him as the Jupiter boss, but make him die horribly at Eris with the next update? I would like to see the new J3 golem eating him while Alad V screams like a sissy :S

In other words, I congratulate to you for creating an enemy as a Tenno I would really like to kill.

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