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Up until the Cicero Crisis we used to get snippets of the events lore permanantly added into the game where they could be easily read at the players leisure.


However since that time nothing, we have had a bunch of lore heavy events, and yet nothing for Tethra's Doom or Breeding Grounds.

I know that we get the messages in our inbox, but scrolling through my 300 assorted love letters for those snippets is a tad irritating.


So what is the word on the Event Lore section in the codex? Will we ever see anything added to it?

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Messages in the inbox also won't bring new players up to date with game events since they couldn't participate. That's the point of the event codex entry in the first place.

I do believe they talked about that in latest devstream though, also adding some of the oldest events in the discussion as well.

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