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Finisher When Invisible


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Hello everyone


I'm sure that if you've played Warframe for a while now, you've noticed this. When you go upto an enemy from behind, you get the option to stealth kill. This triggers an animation where you stab the enemy or do some sort of finisher. There are only two ways in which you can trigger some sort of finisher animation to kill or seriously damage the enemy. One is the stealth kill which I just mentioned. The second is Countering enemies. I'm not going to talk about counter attacks right now but if you count the finisher you do when you do a jump attack to the enemy, then there are three finisher animations. There needs to be a fourth. I'm not saying a whole new animation or anything but if anyone here has seen the Warfame Open Beta Launch Trailer, at 0:29, Loki is being shown and if you watch upto 0:38, you will see him go invisible and one hit the enemies. He did not swing at the enemies but it seems that he did some sort of "Stealth Kill".


Watch the trailer here: 


The point of this thread is to ask DE to put in a finisher that can be triggered when you're a Loki using Invisibility or an Ash using Smoke Screen. Here's an example of when this animation can be used:


There's a huge fire fight going on, let's say you're fighting a boss. You're trying to fight the boss but the enemies around you keep damaging you and it is difficult to defeat the boss. While your other team mates fight the boss, you go invisible and flank around the enemies shooting at you from a range and you go up behind them and trigger something similar to a stealth kill. 


Please let me know what you guys think about this because I think that if it was shown in the trailer, it should be in-game. 



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There is another way to trigger FINISHERS,  the best and easiest way!  

Ash's TELEPORT 'stumbles' enemy's leaving them vulnerable to a finisher from any angle, ie front or rear.

The FUN part?  Anyone can do the finisher after Ash teleports, so if You are playing with a cool Ash player he/she will constantly teleport to enemy after enemy and let his team mates FINISH them all, its great fun, even with just two players its great fun!


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