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Should Warframes And Weapons Be Categorized?


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Hey guys,

So I was wondering if warframes and weapons should be categorized within the game.

Similarly to how LoL or DotA 2 does it except without limiting the character to that specific role.


For example, in the market before buying and in the description of main blueprint it could say:


Tank, Crowd Control, Support





Bruiser, Fighter


and for weapons it could be similar



MRP (Medium Range Precision), Medium Magazine, Average RoF (Rate of Fire)


then showing base stats for each item and an in-game clip of these showdowns on youtube (integrated so it looks professional, I think it would show people if they really want the weapon or not, making platinum purchases easier)



Why? Because it would make sorting weapons really easy in inventory, codex and market.


For example, you are new to the game and you want a mini gun but instead of going through lots of weapons and wasting time you click on market, then check "High Magazine" and "High Rate of Fire" and you have your results.

Same for frames.


I put it in general discussion because I am wondering if such categorization would limit the meta of the game (the way development of LoL went from a few years back to now, you really can't play your way any more).

If agreed upon it being a good thing I also have to wonder why DE didn't add it.



EDIT: Fixed title

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i think players should get much more detailled information ingame. Atm everyone needs to look inside warframe Wiki.

An in-game clip of a weapon and Warframe's performance would be pretty cool.

On youtube most of this clips already exist, so why not.

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