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Game Won't Connect Update Fail, What Can I Do Fix It On My Own?



Hey y'all, been a huge fan of Warframe since the game came out on beta and now but after a few while I had to stop playing for almost one whole year from 2013 to today due for personal business. Today I tried to start the launcher to play but the game kept restarding the update and I tried to retry a couple times but it keeps giving the same message over and over again DX


Message: ->   Update Fail

                       The content servers are temporarily unavalable.



I want to know how to fix this to finding out the problem without asking or pestering people for help all the time like some poor noob. If anyone been having the same problem and was able to fix it please let me know on how to deal with it and if in case anyone asks what progame I use it's a Window 7. So please, help me so I don't get to mise all the fun on warframe.

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I had this issue with the most recent update.


Make sure that your firewall isn't blocking Warframe.

Actually I don't really have a firewall. All the safety things I got are Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and I gets that's pretty much it. I'm not sure which one to know to disable for me to continue.

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I'm currently having this issue.


Early this morning I tried to play the game, the launcher acted funny and took its time to enable the "Play" button, but so far so good... Then the login screen came, with my warframe in the background. I tried to login once and again it took its time (about 30 seconds I think)... "Login failed. Check your info", then tried a second time, same error.

Then I typed another password that might have worked and got surprised by how fast the reply was. It still read "Login failed. Check your info", but I found out that when I type the wrong password, the message saying it's wrong comes up right away, while when I try the correct password, it took about much more time to reply.


So, after reading some stuff on the internet about this problem.... from 2013. I decided to check the game cache on steam and I had to download everything again. Now that I have the game as "brand new", the warframe launcher has to update before I can play. The launcher identifies the update (shows its size at least) but now I'm getting the "ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT" error.


On a side note, I'd like to add that this would be the day my kubrow would mature. :/



I'd say it's something wrong on their side. I read that people can't connect to their accounts in the game, even from different computer or COUNTRIES.

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