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[Pvp] More Duel-Based Rooms Please O3O


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TL;DR: Let us duel in the Obstacle Course tile. o3o



My clan loves the 1v1 hall. I don't know why, but they do, and I'm not one to tell them they shouldn't be enjoying it. There are glitches and set backs but it doesn't stop them from leaving, rejoining and just keep going at it--because they love it.


That said, I would really like to see a LARGER dojo dueling room. We talked about it briefly, and someone said it would be cool to have a straight up conclave room. So I thought, how about just allowing the Obstacle Course room to have dueling pedestals within it? There's no need to create an entire other buildable room for it IF it is possible to multi-purpose a single room in this fashion. I wouldn't honestly know.


My other suggestion/request/dream would be to be able to place more, or at least relocate the spectator kneeling pedestals. As it stands (literally) we are using the stone and wooden benches installed on the walls for bleachers.


Or, you know, maybe just a larger 3v3 hall tile? Please? These guys are obsessed with our in-house melee-focused dueling style and I would love to see it expanded for them. 


<3 o3o

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Maybe if the Dojos have enough PvP elements that people can come in to play....Then we won't need any more PvP outside the dojos. Ever. EVAR.

I'd personally love to be able to take on my clan, Me v All, and just see how many i cut down before i just can't take it anymore.

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