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Selling All Kinds Of Mods.

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Prices range from 5p to 15p. I play on the North America West Region, so if you want to set up a deal look for me there.

Burning Wasp - 5p

Clashing Forest - 5p

Cleaving Whirlwind - 5p

Crossing Snakes - 10p

Decisive Judgement - 10p

Flailing Branch - 10p

Fracturing Wind - 5p

Iron Phoenix - 10p

Reaping Spiral - 5p

Seismic Palm - 10p

Shimmering Blight - 5p

Stalking Fan - 10p

Sundering Weave - 5p

Swirling Tiger - 5p

Constitution - 5p

Energy Siphon - 5p

Flow - 5p

Intensify - 5p

Master Thief - 5p

Narrow Minded - 10p

Natural Talent - 10p

Overextended - 10p

Rage - 5p

Steel Charge - 5p

Vigor - 5p

Blaze - 15p

Burdened Magazine - 10p

Contagious Spread - 15p

Firestorm - 10p

Ravage - 10p

Rifle Ammo Mutation - 5p

Shotgun Ammo Mutation - 5p

Shotgun Spazz - 15p

Sniper Ammo Mutation - 5p

Stabilizer - 10p

Thunderbolt - 15p

Tainted Shell - 10p

Vicious Spread - 15p

Vile Precision - 10p

Vital Sense - 10p

Wildfire - 10p

Barrel Diffusion - 10p

Berserker - 5p

Energy Channel - 5p

Heavy Trauma - 5p

Power Throw - 5p

Rending Strike - 5p

Spoiled Strike - 5p

Sundering Strike - 5p

Here is a small list of Mods I'm looking for. If you want to trade your mods for mine, then I hope you have something from the list below.

Shock Absorbers

Sure Footed

Jagged Edge

Gleaming Talon

Pointed Wind

Coolant Leak

Self Destruct

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