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Hit Boxes While In Melee Range Are Bugged


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since the sword alone update. hit boxes on enemies while in melee range seem to be wickedly off.

i can be running full tilt into an enemy and be swinging away with my dragon nikana and not be hitting the enemy. this is normally more prominent when the enemy is trying to run away from me, but since im so fast im right at his behind swingin away and nothing is happening. then when the enemy stops or desides to turn i can hit them again.

my machine isnt powerful enough nor is my internet the greatest to capture this when it happens, but its a really annoying thing that happens to the point where i hate to melee. and i love the new melee.

seriously guys, please look into this.

also on a side note, i cant ever tell if the reach mod actually does anything for any of the weapons. anyone able to let me know if it actually is working?

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