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Nova's Molecular Prime


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I don't usually post on game forums, but I feel this ability needs to be addressed. I've seen plenty of post wanting to get reverse the old Nova back and others saying its perfect as it is... I have to agree/disagree with both. I can't remember if it was in the last few DE feeds or in the update notes that Nova was going to be looked at again... I hope she does.


I'm still relatively new to warframe (been playing about 5 months now) and I have to say, I loved Nova. She was my first warframe that I made just because the name "Nova" sounded so badass. Immediately, I fell in love with the frame. Nova perfectly illustrated the definition of "Nova" I.E. "Supernovas". I mean common', who didn't want to play a frame that made "supernovas". Although I knew Nova was going to get a fix in the near future particularly with the lack of using power duration mods. And update 13.4 came around I was originally excited but then quickly disappointed. 
Now before you rant about "getting off Mercury", I've been testing molecular prime from Mercury to Pluto and have really tried to find her molecular prime ability effective in 2+ hours in T3/4 survival and defense groups with my 5 forma Nova. Honestly, her molecular prime just feels like wearing two different sized gloves... it's just awkward. Don't get me wrong, the individual damage increase is nice especially in high-tier Void (survival/defense). But Nova just doesn't feel like a "Nova" just a frame with a slow flaming animation (more like an ember ability honestly). After 30+ minutes I was back using my 6 forma'd weapons and antimatter drop. Molecular prime just didn't cut it.
The idea of Nova's Molecular Prime expanding from the cast location sounded really sick. But for actual gameplay its just too slow. Plus, by the time I cast it and it reaches the distant enemies, I could've easily casted antimatter drop dealing more damage, less energy, infinite range and just overall more efficient. Also the explosion radius is ridiculously small; most enemies have to be holding hands for it to be semi-effective.
I've talked to many of my friends and acquaintances who've built their 3+ forma'd Nova's and they feel the same way, there needs to be another fix. Not to smack DE down, but I've waited for at least a month just to try to get accustomed to the new molecular prime, and it just doesn't cut it for me. I've put together a few ideas that may revive the Nova warframe.
Combine explosion radius/molecular prime distance with power range
Power duration affects molecular prime speed
If need be, reduce molecular prime's damage (not really necessary)
My original thought for the new update was to make molecular prime like antimatter drop, except when it hit the ground it would expand like the new animation in 13.4 or like the picture below (this is how I envision Nova):


Maybe I'm being too biased (I really loved the old Nova). I love astronomy and particularly supernovas which may be why I'm still so bummed out about the lack of "super" in the new Nova update. But please, post your ideas/comments. Again this is my opinion, but this is how I would picture Nova.
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When you are shooting the enemy you expect to get some kills. It's not about the XP, it's just the satisfaction of taking aim, dodge shots and kill the enemy.

Nova literally steals the fun of other players.

M-prime's speed modifier is ok, but stealing other players's kills is plainly stupid in a co-op game.

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I think it's actually better now. spamming M. Prime wasn't helping anyone. Atleast now you have to wait a little before activating Mprime again. She was over powered because she was able to do S#&$ ton of damage and utility at the same time with one power and people were spamming that power like crazy because fleeting expertise had no effect on it.

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I think DE is heading in the right direction for Nova... I mean they needed to incorporate power duration somehow. I just think they just haven't hit the mark yet, hope they revisit nova soon.


@effinator. Yes the aoe blast (if you can even call it a blast) animation of molecular prime is there but where is the "nova". It spreads out.... and... that's it. Nuthin special. Least with the old molecular prime things were actually exploding into novas (whether they died or not). And DE hasn't figured out how to make Nova's Molecular Prime efficient for +30 minutes in T3/4 Defense or survival... was really hoping for that in this update not a downscale from before.


@ jenax002. I do agree with you there, being able to continuously spam molecular prime over and over was a little too much. (Maybe DE can incorporate that to scale with power duration idk). :)


@MrNonApplicable. Maybe... DE's heading into the right direction but she's not truly balanced... still work in progress.

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And in regards to Phantasmo, some people agree that Nova's steal kills while others say Novas help them kill... I think DE really needs a kill-assist system in warframe. This would completely fix the issue of Molecular Prime and other powerful aoe abilities filling up the kill count.

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You know, MP has CC and it's everything an ability needs to be effective in late waves (though the game is not meant to be played in late games, as you can see many frames get quickly weak when getting up there). 


It's really good as it is, and like you said, AMD remains for the true damage. 



Just try to do the same with Ember or Volt and you'll see that Nova is still one of the best warframes.

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You guys have no idea how &!$$ed I was when Molecular Prime wasn't named supernova. Seriously wtf design council (I actually have no idea if you got to decide the names or just the effects)

I personally think the expanding bubble of Molecular Prime fixes a lot of the issues with nova in regards to just being flat out broken, but I do think the bubbles speed should be in a proportion that it will always reach its maximum range within 5 seconds or maybe the sprint speed of a loki with rush.

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