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New Ideas To Revolute Warframe


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Hi, i am playing warframe since it's beginning, i am from brasil, so sorry for the broken english, and i have some ideas, i am member of the design council, but i'm not able to create my post there, and i am creating this post to every one that want's to show their ideas, hopeful good ones, so let's begin.


My fist idea was about 1 wear ago, i was thinking of givin EACH warframe a unique passive ability, also had a idea like one month ago, set the drop rate not in each planet/stage, but in each enemy, so if you go a mission against infested, they would drop mutagen sample insted of detonite ampule or fieldron sample, as it is right now, and more, the same way exclusive enemys drop exclusive stance mods, each enemy would drop exclusive itens, so if you kill a Ancient Disrupter in some mission, outside of the orokin derelict, it would may drop somethin like a salvage or neurodes, and/or a mutagen sample.


As told you guys before, my initial idea was to each warframe had a passive ability, more than that, it wouldn't show in any place, but you fell it happening you guys will undertand it shortly.


Passive abilitys:


Ash - Ash has a chance of 1% per 2 warframe rank (max 15%) to not take damage from any source, as a true ninja should be.


Banshee - Banshee has a warness of 1 meter per warframe rank (max 30 meters) has a master of the sound shoud be. (not in the radar but she see the sound of each step of the enemy even through the wall, and yes SEE THE SOUND, good luck with that game  developers xD.)


Ember - Has a master of fire Ember take 1% less damage from fire sources for each warframe rank (max 25%).


Excalibur - A balanced warframe, stronger in any style of fighting, Excalibur does 1% more damage each 2 warframe rank (max 15%).


Frost - More thant any other, Frost is a powerful figher while defending his own territory, making the stamina cost of all attacks while in the snow globe cost 1% more and 2% more melee damage for each warframe rank (max 25% stamina cost/ 50% melee damage)


Hydroid - Has master of the water and the oceans, every time that Hydroid is in contact with water, he gains 2% of damage every warframe rank (max 60%) and also have 1% damage reduction every warframe rank (max 30%). (his 1 and 4 ability counts has a source of water for his passive) 


Loki - Has the master of trick and stealth, Loki have a 1% chance for each warframe rank to DON'T trigger the alarm each time a enemy try to trigger it (max 30%).


Mag - Being the one who control the magnetic force, able to change the energy and shild of all enemys and allies alike, Mag has 1% each 2 warframe rank (max 15%) bonus on shield speed regeneration.


Nekros - Master of the dead, each time a enemy dies too near Nekros, he gains 0.1 energy per warframe rank he has.


Nova - A warframe capable of use antimatter, each time Nova goes down, or die, she will explode in a radius of 10 metter per warframe rank doing 1% of her maximum healt per warframe rank.


Nyx - Master of mind, control of will, Nyx has a chance of 1% per warframe rank each time she is hit, to make the aggressor doesn't want to hit her anymore, confusing his mind for 1 second each 10 warframe rank (max 30% / 3 sec), this ability is turn off when her 4 ability is activated.


Oberon - A true paladin, Oberon make all healing near him goes 1% stronger for each warframe rank (max 30%) from any sources.


Rhino - Has the tank Rhino take 1% less damage each warframe rank (max 30%).


Saryn - The only warframe partially infested, at least in the outside, Saryn is immune to any kind of debuff from Ancients Infested, this mean IMMUNITY to their toxin and disruption in energy and shield


Trinity - Has the only true supportive role warframe, Trinity gains 1 energy per warframe rank (max 30 energy) each time a teammate or herself is healed. (doesn't matter how much was healed)


Valkyr - A true fighter, made to the front lines, Valkyr has a intriguing ability, each time she goes down, and have at least 1 energy, she as a 1% per 2 warframe rank to spend all the energy and activate her ult, with 1 health. (max 10%, yes just 10%)


Vauban - How could anyone think of a master in traps be catch by one, Vauban has 1% per warframe rank (max 25%) to disable any trap, locked door and looker locked door, some doors are immune to this disable.


Volt - The faster warframe, Volt never let any ally back, he gain 1% more move speed each warframe rank (max 30%), but this speed is equally distributed among all and any allies.


Zephyr - Zephyr is a unique warframe, always lerning from the smalls things, everyone on her party gains 1% more affinity each 3 warframe ranks (max 10%)

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some passives, like zephyr and nova, doesnt have much sense, and some others are just bad numbers, like trinity, if she heals 4 members, she gains 120 energy, more that enough to cast her ult without no energy efficiency over and over again, valkyr just 10% that should be raised, it will basically never happens, and vaubans... how does that work? you have to walk to an arc trap soaking the dmg and then deactivate it with some sort of hacking-like minigame while you still soak the dmg? isnt just better shooting the dam thing?


good ideas tho, just need more thinking

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Vauban passive would be like Master Thief mod, but also disarming trap, yup now i see how trinity is Overpowered, need to change that, honestly i was out of ideas for Zephyr xD, and the passive of Valkyr may go to 20% max, but belive me, it's OP enough how it is... thanks for the tips and let's talk other problens :).

(maybe put 0.1 energy recovery for each warframe rank, then it would gain 3 energy healing a allie, and 12 using ult, still need power efficient, but make more usable)

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