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Tweaking Current Void Defense Reward?


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Originally posted in this thread:




1. Eliminate a reward you passed up from future reward pool


2. More options as you go through more waves 

Up until 15 waves players get 1 reward option like we do now. But from 20 waves, 2 options show up and you still get to choose only one of them. Then 3 options from wave 30, 4 from 40, so on and so forth. No elimination applies in this one though, so by the cruel joke of RNG one might still end up with largely same table but what I'm going for is not an RNG-slayer but a sense or illusion of progress towards a desired reward.


3. Token system

Personally I really like the Void token system others have come up with in this forum. My suggestion to applying token system for Defense is that while Defense still gives fewer tokens than Survival, its tokens would accumulate while keeping the '1 reward every 5 waves' system.

Besides the point: My only concern with Void token is that it would require some major fixes like Trading 2.0 and would render Platinum rather pointless in many players' eyes by creating 2 separate markets (tokens and Plat) for a game with relatively small content to trade in the first place. Even if tokens were to be non-tradable, it would still shrink the players' Plat trade significantly...but this is for another section. Token ftw


4. While we're at it, clean up Capture, Exterminate and Mobile Defense reward tables. At least remove Keys.


5. Boss bonus

Yes, I know, Vor and his Cicero mods are sufficient rewards by themselves and I am very happy with addition of Vor into T4. This got me thinking that after a certain point (let's just say 30 waves for convenience right now, please suggest ideas) every 5 waves there comes something like a 'badass round' in BL2 with significant increase to Heavy's and Eximi, and, in case of T4, Vor spawn rate. After this maybe-RNG-maybe-not badass/nightmare mode encounter, the reward table could have a normal reward and a slot-like box that will contain only Prime parts and it's up to your click what you get. Oh and like any badasses enemies also have higher chance to drop rare mods (not that this really matters if you've been stuck in the Void since last Christmas, but still.)


6. Sweet baby jesus christ please remove Keys from Capture, Exterminate and Mobile Defense reward tables.

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1) I dislike the idea of eliminating a reward. It'd make farming for things easier, sure, but this game certainly doesn't need a lot of easier. Perhaps it can have a lower chance to appear, but not be eliminated completely. Otherwise, simply make the rewards stack.


2) I actually like the thought of this system.


3) I thought trade should be enough. Perhaps is you needed quite a few tokens to get a part, I'd be fine with it, but Prime part trading has probably gained DE a better profit whenever primes are released. I'd rather them continue to make money to fund the development better. I have no issues with adding this system later on when they are making enough money to run on.


4) Yes, remove keys.


5) More boss/heavy rounds during defense and survival are needed to break up the tedious task that is farming.


6) "Yes, remove keys."

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My list of changes to void mission rewards:


-No duplicate non-Forma items (right now, it's 39% of the listed drop table)

-No keys, resources or cores.

-No reward table rotations - each phase of the mission pulls from the same reward table.

-Every item within a reward table has an equal chance of appearing - no 0.5% rhino prime chassis and 15% boar prime blueprint, for instance.


That's all that is necessary to make the system a lot fairer. The latter point is the #1 problem with the current system - the horribly uneven drop chances. Do this and you don't need T4 or interception.

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