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Mag's First Day Follow Up.


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And now the thrilling continuation of the mag's love tale!


Gore warning!



Please go full screen and listen to the link in the background for hopefully maximum effect.

The last episode that is...


Was gonna put back story on this, but eehhhh.

If interested just imagine lotus behind mag as she's crying and pointing a revolver at the back of her head.


Thanks for the response guys. This did better than my last one. -_- Anywho basically back story is summed up as mag+excal <3 each other. Mag being the weaker one, excal always supported her. Apparently the lotus is a jealous 40yr old unmarried woman.(just kidding, was aiming for relationships are not allowed within the tenno due to code, etc, etc) Excal had plans on running away with her and secretly attempted to make a ring to propose. On a certain war day excal was ordered to be dispatched at another part of the army separating him from mag. That day mag did terrible but pushed herself so she could prove her worth(so much that she was shot in the head-and well her arm). After the battle mag was happy she could do something by herself, etc, etc. When she was told to find the separated group(^picture above happened) done in by 'friendly' fire courtesy of the lotus's orders. Mag's response confirmed lotus's suspicions. And da da dah! She was shot. The end. :/



HEYO, I think I will do another continuation of thisa thingy. but how bout another voting thing(y'know like the one u guys totally ignored last time(don't bother trying to find it. It's embarrassing)). Recommend me a hair style you'd think she would rock in 5 years past or in the future (preferably cyberpunk like). If I feel that it's cool I'll pop it on. But don't take too long. I get tired of looking at a bald woman, so I may pick whatever. Worst case scenario - bowl cut. Beware. Also I will try to reach poster like quality in the next one so it may take a few days. Maybe like 5.

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Why Is it always Excalibur the one getting Abused/killed/dismembered/B*tch slapped by the stalker/abused. The list goes on and on. 

 but yeah good work. this reminds me of a scene from the Gantz manga, and Attack on Titan.

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Thanks, excal is a masochist. But in all seriousness he's most recognizable so most people(including me) would think to use him for serious face arts and important bits(including death, sad, losing). (σ_σ)...........(°_°) probably. Maybe he just looks like a foot soldier that would die alot. :/

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I feel like something slighty more than mag getting shot in the head and dying would've been better. But then again maybe that's just the romantic inside me talking hehe.....

Fair enough. That part I didn't really think about anyway. If I feel so inclined though I may create one last piece of mag's fate, but that depends on how I feel, so don't hold your breath. Or else you might pass out. ;)

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