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Players Are Able To Use Abilities While Dead


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I encountered this in Conclaves while dueling an Ash. He appeared to be using Shuriken while dead, and claimed it was a bug; I suspected omghax!!1 and went to test this for myself with a friend. Turns out it actually is a bug that affects probably every frame. I didn't want to test on every frame, but I tried Nyx, Vauban, Loki, and (of course) Ash, and it seems to be that:


- This can be triggered when the player is dead without a Revive/Forfeit screen, such as in Conclaves or after clicking Forfeit where at least one other person person is still alive, by simply pressing the appropriate skill hotkey

- Any frame can use non-movement non-targeted* skills while dead (not downed), as long as they have the energy for it

- Skills are cast from where the player died and in the direction of where the player was aiming when he/she died, regardless of where he/she is currently aiming in Spectator mode

- Most skills that do not have a form of "power in use" delay can be spammed without delay (Decoy was hilarious in this respect)

- Energy/Health/Ammo restores can be deployed while dead if they are hotkeyed (not manually via the Gear wheel)

- Frames (and possibly weapons) are capable of gaining affinity from skills used in this state, and even leveling up

- It does not matter whether you are the host or a client


* Mucked about a little more, found that movement skills that don't require a target like Tail Wind can be used but won't move anywhere (e.g. you can't ever get to a state where you can use Dive Bomb). Skills that require a target always say Invalid Target, even if there is a valid target there (as far as Teleport and Switch Teleport were concerned, anyway).


That's all I can remember for now, but holy crap is that a list. >_>

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Shadows of the Dead from the Dead Nekros?


Yes, please.


Here you go :P




They kind of just stood around idly though.




And yes, you can Desecrate them while dead, too. *awkward*



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