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Wts/wtt Full Sets/mods And Prime Parts

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I'm selling:

Full sets:

Burston Prime

Latron Prime

Sicarus Prime

Lex Prime

Dakra Prime

I'll listen to your best offer and tell you if it's something I'll go for.

Corrupted Mods:

Tainted Mag (Rifle) x3 (+6% magazine capacity -3% reload speed)

Tainted Clip (Pistol) x2 (+10% magazine capacity -5% reload speed)

Burdened Magazine (Shotgun) (+10% magazine capacity -3% reload speed)

Vicious Spread (Shotgun) x2 (+15% damage +10% spread)

Magnum Force (Pistol) x2 (+6% damage -3% accuracy)

Vile Precision x3 (-10% weapon recoil -6% fire rate)

Critical Delay x3 (+8% critical chance -6% fire rate)

Heavy Caliber x3 (+15% damage -5% accuracy)

Aura Mods:

Steel Charge (Aura)

Pistol Scavenger (Aura)

Sniper Scavenger (Aura)

Shotgun Scavenger (Aura)

Enemy Radar (Aura)

Energy Siphon (Aura)

Speed Holster (Aura)

Nightmare Mods:

Fortitude (+5% change to resist knockdown +20% shield recharge)

Constitution (+10 knockdown recovery +7% power duration)

Wildfire x2 (Rifle +5% magazine capacity +15% fire damage)

Accelerated Blast (Shotgun) x2 (+15 fire rate +15% puncture damage)

Stunning Speed (+10% reload speed +2.5% status change)

Other Mods:

Stretch (+7.5% power range)

Undying Will (+7% bleedout reduction)


Reflex Guard


Provoked (+10% damage during bleedout)

Serration (Rifle +15% damage)

Cryo Rounds (+15% rifle freeze damage)

North Wind (+10% freeze damage)

Molten Impact (+15% fire damage)

Steady Hands

Hellfire (Rifle +15% fire damage)

Sniper Mutation

Equilibrium x3


Clashing Forest

Reaping Spiral

Burning Wasp

Sundering Weave

Shattering Storm

Fracturing Wind

Cooling Viper

Sentinel Mods:

Fired Up x4

Prime Parts:

Boar Prime Receiver

Sicarus Prime Barrel

Boltor Prime Stock

Burston Prime Stock

Glaive Prime Disc x4

Reaper Prime Handle x3

Paris Prime Lower Limb

Akbronco Prime BP x10

Boar Prime BP x10

Braton Prime BP x3

Bronco Prime BP x3

Reaper Prime BP x5

Latron Prime Receiver

Mag Prime BP

Mag Prime Chassis

Forma BP

Orthos Prime Blade

Boltor Prime BP x2

I need:

Jagged Edge

Blind Rage (Rank 10)

Narrow Minded (Rank 10)

If you're interested in something send me your offers in a PM or to my PSN account: Godwithooves1886

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