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Failed To Join Session


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Two of us are on the same house
two others are about 30 kms away at their houses in a different part of town

it took about an hour for all of us to get in a game


Is there some common problem? i see a lot of these forum posts on here..

is there a solution?

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One of the two in the same house should go into their Warframe settings and change their ports over to another set of numbers.


Outside of that, whoever's NOT getting any sort of NAT/UDP/firewall warning upon startup should be the person who starts the game session (as in, the other players join him) for best results.

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Was having the same issues with two PCs from the same router. It was always one way as well.. ie: joining my sessions always failed for the PC next to me, but when the other PC hosts, I can join no problem. This would only happen to me, people elsewhere could join the PC next to me no problem.


Also, when I'm joining other players (other than the PC next to me), the first invite would always fail, but connect on the next attempt.


It happens intermittently and I solved it by just making sure all the ports are forwarded in the router and restarting the router and PCs in question. This has to be repeated every few weeks or so.. otherwise my first attempt at joining anyone always fails and the PC next to me can join sessions I host.


Go figure!

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