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Full Warframe/sentinel Descriptions


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Something that has bothered me alittle bit is that you cannot see the warframes speed, stamina regen, shield regen and even abilities and what their traits are. I dont even know if certain warframes have natural resistance about certain damage types.. (like slash, toxic etc)


Could be nice to have a full list of stuff that describes your warframe fully, than just Health, Shield, Stamina, Energy and armor.


The same goes for the sentinels. I wish to see the damage of the Dethkubes special ability, the distance and loadup time for Shades ghost ability, when will wyrm use his force push  on people and how many there need to be for him to do it and so on.



Another thing that goes for the UI is Rhinos most used ability "Iron Skin". I wish you could see how much health it had left before it died out. Same goes for the Specters. Little bit annoying you have to look at the Specters to see their health.

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Agreed, and why don't we have all the various modifiers for things available to us in the UI?

For example, how do we know what bonuses various stances and their combos give? How am I supposed to know stance X gives z% more damage per strike, or Combo B has a huge proc/aoe/damage boost?


And what of the different values for charge up weapons, where the damage/crit chance/etc. are changed when charged?

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