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Where's A Good Place To Take Some Pics?



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Corpus Outpost and Phobos are great places.


(corpus outpost being outside in the ice)

Alright but does uploading pics seem to be downgraded? The resolution I see my pics seems lower than the res I see in game

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Corpus Outpost and Corpus Gas City have a nice background. Earth is also good, but I don't recommend the night version. Grineer's Shipyard offer some dark scene like those for noir genre. Orokin Void has some nice white/gold backgrounds. Orokin Derelict is a bit dark, but it's cool (crank your graphic up though, or those meat moss won't look good) and they have that gold Excalibur statue. The Dojo also has some nice rooms like the gardens (I recommend Autumn Garden, Equinox Garden, Wooden Sand Garden, and all large gardens), reactors (both the old one and the new one), the labs, the trophy room's Loki statue, Oracle and the observatory. I have all of them with most of them still in their original state (I decorate those that I feel too plain. Usually it's the small gardens) if you can't find them in their original state

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