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Artarrwen's Weaponry Concepts [Added Barghest, Grineer Anti-Materiel Rifle]


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Detron's big brother.


Flante's charge mechanism allows to alter between the usual "buck" shot (much like Detron, except deals physical damage, maybe Puncture mostly) and compressed explosive projectiles (additional Radiation or Blast splash damage?) with little arcing to them, making it act like a grenade launcher.

The disc near the trigger spins as the weapon is charged, while the smaller disc above the barrel spins as the gun is fired.






This Corpus-built bull-pup pulse rifle is designed for firefights in tight areas, such as spaceship interiors or urban environments. Capable of both firing powerful precision shots and rapid bursts of lesser energy bolts.


Although not used akimbo by Corpus troops, its compact design allows for dual wielding.


Impetus is a bull pup energy rifle with unique firing mechanism. Technically "semi-auto", it has a very high base rate of fire, allowing to shoot nearly as fast as player's finger can tap the fire button. It passively builds up a charge (2-3 seconds) for the next shot as long as it is not fired. This gives massive damage increase and minor punch-through.


Works the same for dual wielding, letting the player deliver massive damage twice as fast, as long as rhythm is maintained. To help utilize this mechanic, the weapons "click" once they are charged to the maximum, as well as display the charged amount by the intensity of their energy glow (the railing within the barrel starts to glow and sparkle).



One of the heaviest (and oldest) exhibits of Grineer gunsmithing. Despite being rather primitive in its construction, this rifle's brute force makes it more than viable to this day.


Barghest is a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle that fires overheated rods. The damage they deal, along with critical damage and proc chances, increases greatly over distance they travel due to air friction igniting the accelerant they are covered in. To reflect that trait, rods gradually light up and burn in flight. (Somewhat like Stakegun from Painkiller)

Has slow reload speed (since the magazine is a large box filled with 5 dense heavy rods attached to the side of the receiver), but it is offset by good innate punch-through, decent crit/proc chances and potentially huge raw damage.

Draws from Sniper ammo pool and accepts sniper mods.




Tauris, Tenno slide-action shotgun. 

I'm not an expert on weapon stats but I'll try.

Rate of fire should definitely be low (roughly 1.3?), damage, in return, higher than average (about 160-180?). Probably Puncture-based, due to a lack of said damage type among shotguns. Or split the damage evenly, like with Sybaris. Holds up to 5 shells, each is loaded individually thus not limiting the user to full reload times, you know how pump shotguns work. Ehh, what else? Think that's it.

Old thread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/242201-tauris-tenno-pump-action-shotgun/#entry2811334


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Reviving this thread with an addition of Barghest, Grineer Anti-Materiel Rifle. Also pulled Tauris from its thread, just because.

That was a spontaneous idea I've had a while ago. I found that I'd done concept art for it and written down a short description, so to break up my period of inactivity I decided to "dump" it somewhere for now - and since I have this weapon concept thread, I decided to revive and update it instead of creating a new one. Originally it was a part of projectile-based family of Grineer weapons. We'll see if I get to finish them all.

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