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Eos Chestplate On Trinity -- Slightly Too Floaty


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When the Eos armor first came out, it worked really well on Trinity's chest, at the right height and with reasonable curve so that it doesn't clip through her armor. However, ever since armor positioning has been updated, it's protruding a bit too much.


Though it's not too bad, it's much more floaty than before. The bottom part of the Eos chestplate is especially curved outward a bit too much, making it seem like it was stuck on her chest instead of being part of her armor (which it kinda did it well before). Additionally, the two tips on each side curves really abruptly now, as if it was bent.





From certain angles, you can even see the two pieces behind the chestplate that's used to attached to the chest, as if it was only half-way in place. This didn't happen before, at least not as obvious.




Very small nitpick, but I wanted to point that out since changes aren't always made for the better at times, and you guys are still working on adjusting the accessories size depending on Warframes.

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Bumping with more pictures to add, in order to show how off it is, and how strangely bent the corners are. Remember, all these issues weren't there when Eos first came out. It was perfect on Trinity IMO, but the changes made the chest piece look simply awkward and large.






You can see it very well that the "hooks" under the chest piece is completely visible, as if it would fall at anytime.

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