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2 Questions



Hi guys, i have 2 questions


1). Abilities, i have those setup : DRyjOhW.png

When i asked how i could use they said ' keypad 1 2 3 or 4 )

Well, why are there 8 slots?
Also i have 4 abilities set. But when i do ingame. I only have 1 ?
and no its not about i dont have energy to use.
I just dont get the system??

2) : Other abilities, How?
I have also set up some abilities with my skana / Guns.
But when i wear my gun & do like ' 1 ' it will do the abilitie of Loki

and not of the one i set for my gun???

Please help lol.
This abilitie system i dont get it

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First off all I'd suggest you put Decoy, Invisibility and Switch Teleport, Radial Disarm in the slots they belong. Match the signs on the top right of the mods to the top right of the mod slot. This will make the mods cost half of their points.

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1) The 8 slots aren't JUST for abilities. You can also fill it up w/ mods that can benefit your frame, such as Vitality or Redirection, or mods that can benefit your abilities, such as Continuity. Each frame only has 4 abilities, so you will only be using 4 slots for abilities, but you can remove abilites to make room for other mods. If you only have one ability equipped, you can only use that ONE ability in-game. You cannot use any other abilities that aren't equipped.


2) There aren't abilities for guns. The mod you see are passive, and will be applied automatically.


Once you get a feel for the game, it's pretty understand to understand.

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Put  the warframe abilities in the matching polarity than you'll have all four of them ready to use. Weapons don't have abilities they have element, critical, and just speed of how much it shoots, or reload time. You need fusion cores or other unwanted Mods to rank up Mods you put in the weapon or for your Warframe.

Also every melee weapon has a stance and stances make melee weapons more effective with the put of combos you'll have to do.

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