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Fixes/quality Of Life Improvements For Mutalisk Quanta


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I've been using this gun a bit, and I have to admit I'm enjoying the hell out of it contrary to what the rest of the userbase seems to say.


Just got a few things that really need looking at on the gun:


-Orbs only work for the client bug needs fixing: I posted a thread about this in the bug forums, but basically if you're not the host, you can't fire through the orbs and gain the benefits, in fact they block your shots entirely.


-Needs more information listed somewhere!: Nobody seems to be aware of the crit and radiation bonuses the orb gives, and as such I notice that nobody runs critical damage mods on the gun, making it feel subpar.


-Remove/Reduce the infested tissue on the orb: It's pretty hard to see through the orb, especially if you're running multishot. Dulling down the amount of tissue or making it semitransparent would go a long way making the orbs easier to set up and use.


-Add friction to bounces: Right now the orbs seem to bounce pretty hard, adding a little friction to each hit would greatly reduce the chance of orbs being absolutely launched out of the way. This combined with melee could make it much easier to move the orbs as well if you run them that way.


-1 orb regardless of multishot: This would mitigate the visibility issues a bit and also make the secondary fire much more viable for setting up firing lines.

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