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Venka Feedback


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so i like the weapon and love the stance i just have a few bits of feedback i think REALLY needs to be addressed.





there are a few traits left over in the weapon that were put in place back when you guys intended it to be a brawling weapon and then never changed when it was made into its own stance, or rather grip type.


slide animation,

ground assassination,

run animation.


all these were simply copied over from the brawler or fists grip type and i think the weapon being its own unique grip should be given its own set of animations, not just taken from another grip type.


the ground assassination is still quite fitting but the run and slide attack animations should really be looked into.

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feels like a puncture than a slash weapon. I've seen animation reuse from swirling tiger, and slide slash from any fist weapons. But its not all bad, it just need more flow to it. It feels choppy right now, and the movement is too wild. If I had to use claw weapon in real life (not that I would), I would dance through my enemies and flow through them.

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