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Selling Various Items

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selling some of my spare items. if you see something you want just message me in game at Dizzarat or on steam at Butterdtoast.


Akbronco Prime Blueprint 20p

Boar Prime Receiver 3p

Bronco Prime Blueprint 5p

Fang Prime Handle 7p

Fang Prime Blade 5p

Latron Prime Stock 7p

Mag Prime Chassis 2p

Orthos Prime Blade 20p

Orthos Prime Blueprint 4p

Rhino Prime Systems x3 10p ea

Arcane Aura Trinity Helm BP 65p

Arcane Gauss Mag Helm BP 65p

Arcane Thrak Rhino Helm  BP 45p


All prices are from wftrading.net

Prime weapon parts price list. http://wftrading.net/?p=771

Prime warframe parts list. http://wftrading.net/?p=769

Stat helm price list. http://wftrading.net/?p=151

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