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How I Would Rework Banshee


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Let me just preface this with the fact I've only put about 31 hours of in-game time into Banshee so far, but still I can tell she's lacking a bit, even after the Silence rework and two forma. She's supposed to fill the role of a sniper/support class that keeps her enemies at range and kills them from distance, and for the most part, she fills that role really well with only a few complaints:


 1. The role itself is almost completely unnecessary, and detrimental on most tilesets.

 2. All of her abilities that are supposed to define this role are based upon the location where she stands. So we have a sniper/support frame who should be sniping, but has to be more mobile than dedicated CC and support frames. A work around is building exceptionally long range, but it reduces damage output, renders the CC effect from Silence useless, and causes Soundquake to become a hinderance rather than help in certain situations. Huge trade-offs affecting most of her abilities just to make a few of her abilities a little more useful.


So let me get started, I have the rework in mind to not only improve her role as a sniper frame, but to also make other playstyles a little more viable, allowing for a little more build variety and effectiveness in various situations.


 < Sonic Boom >

The first skill, it is essentially what ties her entire build together. It keeps enemies at range and has a decent CC, but is found lacking in multiple regards, especially when compared to other frames who's 25 cost abilities give almost the same effect: 


- Compared to Mags pull, It has half of the effect angle, 10 less yards radius, and 1/6th of the base damage for almost identical CC.

- Compared to Volts Shock, it has a cast that interrupts firing/reloading, 1/4th of the base damage not including status procs, and much less targetable range for almost identical CC potential.

- Compared to Hydroids Tempest Barrage, it has significantly less targetable range but a higher area of effect, Assuming tempest barrage hits each enemy twice (which is conservative) it has at least 1/4 of the damage for less CC potential.


Now what I would change:

  - Increase base damage from 25/35/40/50 to 80/160/240/320, but introduce damage fall-off similar to that found on soundquake/shotguns.

  - Remove cast time and the reload/firing interruption.


Intended effects of the change:

  -Improves the use for Banshee's sniper role by allowing her to CC and knock-back while reloading and firing.

  -Gives Sonic Boom the option of being a damaging spell at close range, but not too powerful from distance.

  -Situationally could be used to kill small groups of enemies in close quarters.

  -Improve build variety.


<  Sonar  >

Completely unique to Banshee, this skill is the marksman's dream, but it does have one major flaw: The effect is based on where Banshee is located. The only way to use it effectively is to either use overextended or to jump around the map spamming it like a mad-man, at which point you're not a sniper, you're a mad-man


What I would change:

 -Change the effects point of origination from Banshee to a target-able point similar to Hydroids Tentacle swarm/Tempest barrage.


Intended effects of the change:

 -Improves functionality all-around while making the skill, well, more skill based.


<  Silence  >

So far I have been loving the rework, but there are still a few things that need to be addressed. First, the issue with enemies continuing to fire and move for clients while under the stun effect MUST be fixed. It causes this skill to be even more useless than it was before the rework. Essentially all it does is makes the enemies crouch down and harder to hit.


Second, in the rare occasion Banshee is actually the host, if she's built with range mods to improve her other skills it causes the CC effect to be near-useless because, more often than not, the stun effect ends before the enemy even comes into sight. There is a work around where you can equip a non-maxed version, but it's at the expense of a significant amount of duration.


What I would do:

 -Fix the bug causing enemies to continue moving/firing while under the stun effect for clients.

 -Prevent enemies from using abilities while under the silence effect.


Intended effects of the change:

 -Actually make the skill useful for someone other than host

 -Add a secondary CC effect that would still benefit Banshee no matter what her range is at.

 -Give the ability some function while in the conclaves


Personal Concerns:

 - Could potentially be too powerful against enemies with strong CC effects.

 - Radiation procs on banshee would be very annoying.


 <  Sound Quake  >

Her only skill that can somewhat be relied on for damage, mostly used for CC potential but, unless built with massive range, leaves Banshee completely vulnerable for a very underwhelming effect. Even when built for range, it's at best situational. It's heavily overshadowed by skills like Mag pull, Rhino stomp, Nyx Chaos/Absorb, Nova Molecular Prime, Saryn Contagion, Ember World on Fire, Volt Overload, essentially any heavy hitting AoE with CC and little to no vulnerability phase.


What I would change:

 -Fix the bug on the infested corpus ship tileset that causes the skill to have no effect.

 -slightly increase the channeling damage from 125/150/175/200 to 130/160/190/220

 -Approximately double the initial damage instance that falls off with distance. 

 -Change scaling on initial damage instance to scale exponentially with power strength similar to Hydroids Tentacle Swarm.


Intended effects of the change:

 -Increases the damage of the skill while keeping CC potential intact.

 -encourages wider build variety.

 -Improves the skills effectiveness in close quarters where it is also the most dangerous to use.


Other Notes:

 -It really doesn't fit into the sniper aspect, but still effective CC in a group which I suppose is why she's also labeled as support.

Over-all she would have better damage and crowd control at close range while still having a strong marksman feel to her, More build variety than building strictly range, and the capability to still be viable in the smaller more cramped rooms and tilesets while not completely outdoing the other frames that are built to fill those roles.
So that concludes it! Despite the odd/weak place Banshee is in right now I've been enjoying playing her unique skill-set, and hope to see her eventually be considered a well-balanced frame instead of a situationally useful misfit that really doesn't fit into 90% of the game
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I definitely agree with you here, and I am all for making long range combat more ..... present. Right now the only map where sniping is a viable tactic is Interception on corpus outpost tileset.


But the biggest issues with sniper gameplay is the enemy AI, it's just not really build with it in mind. They are way too accurate over their target range, and beyond that they just don't care about you. It would be cool if you could "pin down" squads of enemies by taking out an enemy from far away. They would look around then start hiding in that general area.

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