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Wts Bps, Sets, Stances, Mods, And More!

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Prime Sale

akbronco bp

boar prime bp

boltor prime barrel

boltor prime receiver

boltor prime stock

braton prime bp

bronco prime bp

burston prime barrel

burston prime stock

dakra prime full set

ember prime bp

ember prime chassis

fang prime full set

fang prime blade

frost prime chassis

glaive prime bp

glaive prime disc

lex prime barrel

mag prime bp

mag prime chassis

paris prime bp

paris prime lower limb

reaper prime bp

reaper prime blade


Mods/Stances Sale

arrow mutation

burning wasp

clashing forest

cleaving whirlwind

coolant leak

energy channel

fracturing wind

iron phoenix

life strike

master thief

metal auger

power throw

quick thinking


reaping spiral

second wind

seismic palm

sniper ammo mutation


steady hands

sundering strike

sundering weave

tainted shell



if wishing to buy, message me on psn iCrapOnDucks with your item and your offer in platinum

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